JOY International

South Asia, Uganda, Belize & the US (based in Conifer, CO)

Key Verse: John 15:11

Ministry Focus: Founded in 1981, JOY International is a Colorado-based nonprofit organization committed to combatting the global epidemic of child sex trafficking. What began as a personal mission by its founder, Dr. Jeff Brodksy, has evolved into a multi-faceted organization with global reach.

JOY International works to comprehensively fight child trafficking through programs that address four crucial pillars: prevention, freedom, healing, and empowerment. Our approach to our work in each country is tailored to address the unique landscape of child trafficking in that country.

In rural Uganda, JOY International prevents child trafficking through an in-depth program that provides education and essential support like food and hygiene supplies to vulnerable girls who are either survivors of or at risk of exploitation, child marriage, or trafficking. 70% of these vulnerable girls have experienced malnutrition due to extreme hunger, 35% do not live with either of their biological parents, and 20% have experienced physical or sexual abuse. Through the support of JOY International, these girls have hope for a bright future as they receive the foundational support they need to become productive, independent women in their community.

In South Asia, the JOY International Mukti Home is a safe home for survivors of child trafficking, ages 8 to 18. As a result of your support, each girl living at the JOY International Mukti Home receives safe housing, remedial education, counseling, job training, family support, medical care, legal representation, 24-hour security, and lots of love as they journey toward healing.

Globally, JOY International partners with The Asservo Project to train anti-human trafficking task forces in best practices regarding investigation, surveillance, and rescue. JOY International also funds rescues as requested by trained teams around the world.

JOY International also supports partner organizations in Belize through training and volunteerism. It regularly spreads awareness and education about human trafficking in the US through speaking engagements at churches, schools, and social and civic groups.

Over the years, JOY International’s efforts have freed over 3,000 children, teens, and young women. Your support of JOY International’s work is crucial as the organization grows and expands its impact.

Please pray for:
  • the vulnerable children and trafficking survivors we serve, that the Lord would be with them and that they would know their worth and value.
  • the wisdom, encouragement, peace, and joy of the staff at JOY International and the teams we work with around the world to fight child trafficking.
  • the staff to remain close to the Lord and be encouraged and sustained in our work. Pray for safety and protection for the vulnerable girls and families we support in Uganda as violence has become more prevalent in their community due to their proximity to the Congo border.
  • funding for JOY International Mukti Home and a second transition home, so that we can continue to accommodate the significant needs of trafficked children in the area.