Ministry Focus: JOY International takes a multi-faceted approach to fighting human trafficking addressing the four pillars of rescue, restoration, reintegration, and prevention. We actively work with like-minded organizations in the relevant geographic locations to help children and young adults leave commercial sexual exploitation, freeing them from a life of slavery and bondage. We partner with and train police, task forces, prosecutors, and NGOs to find and rescue captive children throughout the world and bring their captors to justice. We have empowered the rescue of over 2,500 children and young women from this horrific life. 

JOY International is committed to seeing those freed from sexual exploitation healed emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically. We partner with safe houses and rehabilitation professionals to ensure the safety and care of these precious women and children as they walk the road of healing. We do this through ongoing relationships with safe houses that include prayer, emotional, and financial support as well as training on crucial topics such as trauma-informed care and identity in Christ. 

Demand, poverty, and lack of education are three of the driving forces behind the sexual exploitation of children around the world. We strive to address these needs to help ease the burden of poverty on families around the world by funding education initiatives for at-risk youth and providing emergency relief to areas of poverty impacted by disaster. 

Contact Info: [email protected]

Please pray for:
  • Pray for Jeff and our entire team as they travel throughout the world to bring freedom and healing to those in need. Pray for our team to make great gains as they work to achieve this year’s goals and for doors to open to expand our impact in the fight against human trafficking. Please pray our mission and work continue to touch the hearts of donors without whom we could not do what we do.
  • Finally, we ask that you pray for every child, teen, and young woman who is currently enslaved. Pray for funds, surveillance, rescue operations, and the restoration and reintegrative services they will require when they are rescued. Above all, please pray for their freedom and healing.