Karch Family

serving the French-speaking world (based in Quebec, Canada)

Key Verse: Acts 11:20-21

Ministry Focus: The Karch family is deeply passionate about a contextually relevant Gospel movement that permeates Québec and overflows to the rest of the French-speaking world. To that end, they are deeply involved in various forms of discipleship and church planting (as lead planter, coach, mobilizer, etc.). They are part of the launch team for the Perspectives course in French in Québec for the first time. Rob is currently completing a PhD, focusing on the indigenous peoples in Québec (11 nations, 55 communities) and how their cultural integration with the French in centuries past produced the French-Canadian peoples of today. His goal is to discover what a Gospel movement could look like that includes the mosaic of French-Canadians of European origin, indigenous peoples, and more recent immigrant populations that make up Québec Martine is completing her studies in counseling, preparing to deeply impact individuals with empathy and Gospel-centered wisdom. They have two children.

Please pray for:
  • the healthy growth of several new church plants in Laval, Mont Tremblant, Montreal, and elsewhere.
  • the Perspectives course’s success and impact in beginning the process of launching French-Canadians to other cultures and regions of the French-speaking world.
  • the successful completion of Rob’s Ph.D. research on cultural integration and what a Gospel movement could look like, including the Franco-Québécois of European origin, indigenous peoples, and more recent immigrant communities.
  • the successful completion of Martine’s counseling studies to equip her with wisdom and compassion in guiding others.
  • our children as they begin college, seeking God’s guidance regarding programs and majors.