Ministry Focus: I serve as a counselor with Wycliffe Counseling Ministries, providing online and in-person counseling for missionaries. I also support the new leadership in Counseling Ministries as we carry out the Wycliffe Board priority of caring well for staff.

Please pray for:
  • wisdom, discernment, and encouragement as I counsel missionaries.  
  • the remodeling of an office suite on the International Linguistics Center campus. It will be our site for in-person counseling again. We continue to provide most of our counseling online. 
  • stamina as I care for my mother. I’m thankful for her caregiver who comes 24 hours a week. I care for her the rest of the day and my housemate, Joan, and I share night duties in helping my mother.
  • some insight into a foot issue when I see my primary care doctor. I have my six-month checkup on April 14.
  • me that I might be able to communicate more regularly with financial and prayer partners. With work and care for my mother, I run out of energy.