Pete & Pam Sanderlin

Buena Vista, CO

Ministry Focus: After teaching for 22 years in the Middle East, Pete and Pam joined TeachBeyond, a mission that sends teachers to over 70 counties. Pete currently serves as part of the mission’s mobilization team, coaching and interviewing applicants. TeachBeyond believes that Christ-centered education is a powerful force for the transformation of individuals and societies. Its 1,100 members serve in schools for missionary children, schools for nationals, English language learning programs, and in projects for refugees and at-risk children. Before Pam retired, she worked as an editor and writer for TeachBeyond. Currently, she is very active in their local church.

Please pray for:
  • our members as they model transformed lives and share Christ with their students.
  • wisdom for Pete as he encourages and guides those inquiring and applying to serve.
  • Pam as she seeks to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our local community.