When a person meets Jesus and realizes what he has done for them, it changes everything for them. This song is simply a joy filled celebration of that moment in our lives. As we sing it I pray and trust that we will remember when we met our savior, helper, friend, and God. It is hard for some of us to say, “I’ll sing, I’ll dance, my heart will overflow.” I challenge each of us to reflect on our salvation consistently so that the impulse to sing and dance grows in us. It is healthy for the soul.

I also like this line in the song, “From the day you saved my soul ’til the very moment when I come home.” We need to remember that our salvation along with the hope, the joy, the transformation of it begin when we embrace the gospel not just one day in heaven. Jesus’ finished work on the cross opened these benefits to us and we should strive to receive them BY remembering him and what he has done.

Okay South Fellowship Church, I hope you can stomp your feet and clap your hands with me on this one.


When You found me, I was so blind
My sin was before me, I was swallowed by pride
But out of the darkness, You brought me to Your light
You showed me new mercy and opened up my eyes

From the day You saved my soul
‘Til the very moment when I come home
I’ll sing, I’ll dance, my heart will overflow
From the day You saved my soul

Where brilliant light is all around
And endless joy is the only sound
Oh, rest my heart forever now
Oh, in Your arms I’ll always be found

My love is Yours
My heart is Yours
My life is Yours