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you may be seated thank you so much grace for reading the scriptures for us this morning it’s good to be with you south uh for those of you who are new or newish um jake referenced it uh referenced it a little bit but my name’s aaron bjorkland normally i’m the i’m the worship pastor here and so normally that means i’m up here leading the singing time um yeah but uh i got the opportunity to share the message today and so that’s exciting uh for me and it’s also it’s also sort of an interesting experience because as a worship pastor you know worship pastors are relentless for picking on pastors you know they always think that they could preach better than the pastor and they always think that they could preach shorter than the pastor and so um how the tables have turned so um this week just whatever you do if i preach for two hours don’t tell

alex because i’ll never live it down i’ll never live it down um but yeah we find ourselves in ruth so if you want to turn there feel free um also i just wanted to thank uh jake and the team for leading us in worship i mean that was a tremendous time of worship for me so sweet so good and uh jake must have made a lasting impression on some of you this last week because i actually had it on my agenda to talk a little bit more and introduce jake to this week because i knew i was gonna be preaching you know i’m gonna actually tie my shoe right now is that okay everyone that way i don’t stumble over so anyway so jake uh must have made a lasting impression because i got some text messages from some of you asking who is this jake guy and what’s he doing and why aren’t you going to be uh leading worship next week and what’s going

on what’s going on and so let me set your hearts at ease um and introduce you a little bit to jake a funny story last year middle of the year sometime i found out that kevin who was my worship resident at the time was going to be getting married and he decided to step back from school and work full-time and just invest in his marriage for a season and as excited as i was for him that meant that i didn’t have a worship resident anymore and so i was trying to decide what to do with that jake and i had been friends for years and so sort of as a hopeful joke i sent him a text message hey jake you want to become my intern and and uh you know i it was totally a joke because what you don’t know about jake is he runs a an organization that helps thousands of churches develop their worship ministries and their tech ministries his business

was growing like crazy he was leading worship at another church and he was a busy guy at a growing family all these sorts of things but uh much to my surprise he did not text me back instead he called me and the first thing he said is yes i want to become your intern and so that conversation sort of snowballed we joked we laughed about a little bit but he and i have been talking about partnering together and working together in ministry in some way because jake and i are kind of like what i call nerd twins for some reason we have all the same nerdy interests in all of the same categories and so it was just a ton of fun we started talking about that before you knew it he found about out about the open space next door here he moved his headquarters quarters of to that that space right next door here and the

conversation just kept on snowballing but as some of you um were sort of uh intuiting and you’re really smart you were saying there’s got to be something else going on here and so there is a little bit of something else going on uh what you may not know is about three years ago or maybe two and a half years ago the elders here at south established a sabbatical policy for the pastors on staff and what that sabbatical policy states is that every seven years every full-time pastor is supposed to take a three-month sabbatical to replenish recharge and fill up for the next season of ministry i’ve been here for eight years full-time and so i was actually supposed to take that sabbatical last summer and uh but given the fact that we were in the middle of his pastoral search process larry just announced his departure alex was on the horizon and covid

and my family wouldn’t be able to travel anywhere or do anything we decided let’s hold off on the sabbatical let’s let alice get established let’s wait to hopefully have some of kovid lift and then i’ll take a sabbatical and so long story short i’m going to be taking a sabbatical from the months of may through july and jake has so kindly been willing to step up and lead worship for us during that season of time so this is jake uh jake and his wife kaley they have two twins amos and galilee and they just had a couple weeks ago another little guy named levi and one of the things i want you to recognize though about jake and his family is just because he’s filling in for our sabbatical during this for my sabbatical um in may through july doesn’t mean that he’s just sort of like a temporary fill-in kind of guy um here at south he and i’ve been dreaming about all

sorts of new ways to partner and stuff and we have lots of dreams for long term in the future his family lives right across broadway here they’re super duper close part of the reasons he wanted to partner with us is because he can really invest his family in this community and so they’re here they made south their home church and i’m looking forward to his leadership his partnership and a lot of things that my intern will be teaching me about ministry and stuff so all right well that’s actually all the time i had so let’s close in prayer and no i do want to pray before we dive into this talk so let’s pray jesus i thank you so much for your truth lord i ask that today the things that i share um would be empowered by your spirit and that they would sink deep into our hearts and transform us further into your image and so lord i pray the prayer that

you taught us to pray our father in heaven hallowed be thy name let your kingdom come and your will be done here on earth as it is in heaven give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil for yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever and ever and lord i do pray that prayer that your kingdom come as a result of this morning we pray amen amen so in this um series alex asked me a few weeks ago three or four weeks ago if i wanted to preach as part of this lenten series through the book of ruth and i said yeah sure i didn’t think i was going to get another opportunity before i took the sabbatical and i like to stretch these muscles every once in a while they get really really rusty and cobwebs for start to form over my

preaching muscles so it’s nice to to do that from time to time but then um i happen to read the passage that happened to land on the week that i had been assigned and i thought hard pass hard pass because this text is heavy as you just heard that passage of grief and sorrow and lament and for those of you who’ve been exposed to personality assessments there’s one of them out there that’s been all the craze these days called the enegram and i’m what you call a seven and that means a lot of things for personality types and stuff but one of the things it means is sevens one of the major driving factors for a seven is the avoidance of emotional pain so i read this text and i said i gotta there’s gotta be another angle that i could preach this passage there no i don’t think i can do this and then don’t get me wrong sevens aren’t just they

don’t want to avoid all pain like they they can watch pain on a movie or read about it in a book it’s not really when it’s out there it’s when it starts to get a little bit closer to home and when i read this passage and i read the tone of voice that i heard in naomi’s voice i recognized that tone of voice because i heard it in my own tone of voice and it was a little bit too close to home and so i i wrestled and wrestled it weighed on me so heavily that right up until last sunday i was considering telling alex that i couldn’t do it and then he so kindly announced with enthusiasm and excitement that aaron was going to be preaching this week and it was going to be incredible and so i here i am i couldn’t back out but i’ll tell a little bit more about my story of grief and sorrow as the message goes on but my guess is in a room this size some of you have

faced a season like that some of you have faced a season of sorrow of grief of loss of pain i mean just look at 2020 by itself i mean that alone could bring many people to their knees in sorrow the pandemic political unrest financial unrest uh riots and and all sorts of violence uncertainty about the future when are we getting out of this how do we continue to form relationships how do we maintain relationships in a season like this it was enough to bring just about anyone to their knees with sorrow and so one of the questions that i want to ask is what do you do when it all falls apart what can a follower of jesus do when it seems like everything has unraveled around them but i can also acknowledge in a room this size maybe that’s not you maybe actually this season of covet has done the opposite for you and it’s a beautiful season of

coke like you’re staying at home with your family the pace of life has slowed down you’ve started to recognize what the important things in life are about and for you it’s actually um it’s actually been a sweet season so there’s another question that i want to ask and that’s this how can we love someone well who is in the clutches of grief because even if it’s good for you it doesn’t mean that everyone in your circle of friends and your family is thriving in a season like this and so how do you love them well how do you come alongside them even though you’re in a better place and maybe another question would be this what can i do in a good season to prepare to weather the bad ones i’m glad you asked those questions because otherwise i wouldn’t have anything else to talk about and so we’re gonna look at this story and i think that

the story of naomi actually gives us some tremendous insights into both how to weather a storm that we’re currently in or that we just were in and how do we prepare in the good seasons to weather the bad ones you know this reminds me of a passage in in john chapter 16 verse 33 it’s a beautiful promise of jesus you will suffer in this world aren’t you glad you came to church what a promise and so we need to learn how to weather these storms so last week uh alex kicked off our series in in the book of ruth he gave us the context because we’re in the genre of narratives in the in this cert in the series i want to just catch you up in case you weren’t here last week or in case you forgot and i know you would never forget a sermon but in case you forgot what’s going on in the story we were introduced to our characters we have naomi

and elimelech they were living in the land of in the in the town of bethlehem yes bethlehem oh little town of the same bethlehem that little bethlehem story and then there’s uh they have two sons but then there’s a a famine that takes place in bethlehem and so they’re forced to move to moab which is an enemy country it’s sort of there’s hostility there but they have to go because they need to find food and if it as if that wasn’t bad enough when they get there the head of household elimelech dies and so it’s this deep grief there’s famine and then death and then but there’s still a little bit of hope because naomi has two sons and the sons could grow up and in that culture having a man in the household meant that there was still hope there was still some prosperity potential but so those two sons they get married to ruth and to orpah and

then the boys die so that all takes place within the first five verses of this book and the narrator wants us to feel the sucker punch of that moment he wants us to to recognize the hopelessness we’re left with three widows and in that culture three widows without any prospects of marriage was a disaster grief hopelessness and that’s where we pick up our story aren’t you glad so we read this passage in verse six when naomi heard in moab that the lord had come to the aid of his people by providing food for them she and her daughter-in-laws prepared to return home from there with her two daughters-in-laws she left the place where she had been living and set out on the road that would take them back to the land of judah so essentially with left with no other options naomi hears that there’s food again there’s now a feminine mob so

death death of two sons widows a new famine in moab there’s nothing left to do she hears that there’s food back at home last week we heard that the word bethlehem actually means the house of bread she hears a whisper in her ear that says that there’s bread in the house of bread again and she has nothing else to do so she starts to pack up it probably took a little bit of time because they would have to sell off some of their possessions they probably only were on foot and so they had to carry all of their provisions for the journey and then they set out on the road to bethlehem now there’s something about going on a long journey that makes you think about things a little bit differently something about not being where you were but not quite being where you’re going to be it makes you think about life slightly differently the journey makes the

reality of the future feel more real so allison and i are kind of weird whenever we travel we this is us in dia whenever we fly somewhere we get to the airport obnoxiously like i’m talking three four hours in advance to our flight and the reason we do that is because once we always joke with each other that once you get past airport security vacation begins and so the something about being at that stage in the journey makes the reality of the destination real and so we love to get there we sometimes sit there and you know we’re probably sitting there planning on what we’re gonna do on our trip and and making reservations for various different things the reality of the future and the destination suddenly sets in when you’re on the road and so that’s why we do that and i think that that’s exactly what happens for naomi here except for she’s not

going on vacation the reality and the gravity of her future starts to really sink in as she plods her way towards her hometown empty-handed she left her hometown having a full quiver of hope she had a husband and two boys she had done everything right in that day and age if you are a woman and you have two boys check check check successful life so she left her hometown full and she was plotting towards her hometown empty that longing that they might have had in the land of moab to go back home and to see loved ones and friends she’s now going back home alone and elimelech’s not going to be able to enjoy that moment and her sons will never know their family members and all just starts to sink in and then she starts to realize that her daughter-in-laws are on this terrible journey with her and so she begins to plead with them to

go back she says then naomi said to her daughter’s two daughters-in-law go back each of you to your mother’s house may the lord show you kindness as you have shown kindness to your dead husband and to me may the lord grant that each of you will find rest in the home of another husband in other words there’s no hope with me why would you come with me go go back there’s a better chance for you back there there’s more hope and potential for you back there and she doesn’t want just just for them to go back and and sort of like plod through life no she wants them to dream again she wants them to hope again and part of what the narrator gives us occluded to that desire because she says go back to your mother’s house it would have been more common to say go back to your father’s house because a father’s house represented

safety and security and and and financial stability but when she says go back to your mother’s house it’s sort of like this little nah subtle hint to us that she’s saying go back and plan a wedding you go to mom to plan a wedding and she says she wants him to start dreaming of another husband again she wants them to think past the season think bigger go home don’t just whatever you do don’t go with me but look at this how they respond to naomi they wept aloud and said to her we will go with you to your people i love this verse because it’s on this little um piece of information that the narrator gives us that i think we see a ton of what naomi is all about ton of her character i mean think about this you have two daughter-in-laws wanting to go to a foreign land where they will be hated with their mother-in-law i mean that’s a miracle in

and of itself am i not right that speaks of her character about the tremendous woman that she must have been right they’re willing to risk it all and go with her and they and we we also see that not just this deep love from a weeping allowed but also they want to be with her they want to be around her and they want to be with her people which which really doesn’t make a ton of sense in this day and age because going to be with her people is like saying i really want to go be with the enemy to be an outcast to be an outsider to reduce my potential for getting remarried naomi must have lived a life that was so beautiful so full of character so profound that there was this draw in the girls to wonder what what is that people about and maybe maybe what is the god of that people about and so i think that this little verse even in the midst

of all of naomi’s lament teaches us that naomi was a pretty incredible person she had a powerful draw for these girls but she wasn’t done making her argument listen to this i’m just gonna skip across this she says no no no return home my daughters why would you come with me am i going to have more sons i’m too old it’s more bitter for me the lord’s hand is turned against me she’s pleading with them to go back she’s basically saying you don’t want to be anything to do with me it’s so bad for me that just by staying connected with me god’s hand will be against you one of the things she she sort of like hints at here is this idea of elaborate law the levitt law in in that culture was this law that provided for a widow if a woman’s husband dies then the that husband’s brother was supposed to marry her provide safety and security

and children for her so that she would have some sort of hope in the future and what naomi’s saying here is that’s not even going to work that would your slim thin chance of hope that’s not even going to work because i’m too old i’m past the age of child bearing and even if i did have a kid you’re not going to wait for them you’re not going to wait for them to grow up and then marry them no no no go back go back plan a wedding hang out with mom plan the wedding have a husband back in your hometown and then she closes with this tremendous horrifying thought the lord’s hand is turned against me the lord’s hand has turned again i mean she is in a dark place the question i ask myself is is naomi lost the faith has is naomi a bad god follower because she’s blaming god for her problems i’ve already made the case that naomi had a

tremendous amount of character because of her relationship with ruth and orpah but i also think that it’s helpful for us to recognize that this is a normal reaction to sorrow and to pain so back to the question i asked in the very beginning what can we do when it seems like everything has fallen apart well the first thing we can do is acknowledge that grief and sorrow is a normal reaction to loss grief and sorrow is a normal reaction to loss i don’t think naomi was had given up completely on god i don’t think that naomi was a bad god follower no in fact i think some of the hints that we have from the narrator says quite the contrary naomi was a profound steady god-following god-fearing woman who had faced tremendous loss and let me tell you there are certain sorrows and there are certain pains in this world that are so profound

so deep so heart-wrenching that we as human beings were not designed to handle them we weren’t designed to handle we’ve got to remember that god created this world to be beautiful and perfect and a place of peace a place of meaningful work a place of significant relationships that do not break and do not fall apart and so we weren’t designed to handle a world that when sin enters in the with that sin came brokenness and destruction and relationships that fall apart and the destruction of the world and our relationship with god was broken our relationship with each other was broken our relationship with creation was broken and when we grieve our entire being cries out it’s not supposed to be this way and we are not wrong when we grieve we aren’t wrong and you know what else grief is actually a way that the soul agrees with god about

how things should be but aren’t so when we grieve our souls are saying god it’s not supposed to be this way and i can just hear god’s voice i know it wasn’t it wasn’t supposed to be this way i agree with your grief what else can we do when it seems like it’s all falling apart we can acknowledge that grief can overwhelm anyone even the faithful so charles spurgeon is just one example of many examples i could have turned to of a man who was by many standards said with the greatest preacher in christian history he preached and led tens of thousands of people to to the way of jesus and he struggled deeply with sorrow and depression and sadness so much so that he said this at one point i could say with job my soul chooses chooseth you know i don’t say chooseth very my soul chooseth strangling rather than life i could readily enough have

laid violent hands upon myself to escape from my misery of spirit this is a person a follower of god a faithful follower of god who was so depressed that he despaired even of life just because you’re facing sorrow just because you’re facing depression does not mean that you’re not a faithful follower of god jesus faced sorrow we learned from the book of hebrews that he faced such pain and agony against himself against uh because of the sinners who laid hands on him you know and he was perfect it doesn’t mean that we’ve lost the faith and that’s helpful to know why is that helpful to know for us is when you’re in the season of grief you think you’re going crazy you think that everything’s unraveling and there’s no hope on the horizon it’s all dark and it’s all bad and it’s never going to be anything different but to remember hey you

know what grief is a normal reaction to loss and pain so what else can you do when everything falls apart you can also return to the rhythms of faith where you last found god i think that that’s what’s going on for naomi she’s she’s just sort of plodding back home she’s doing the next thing she’s moving towards god contrary to her emotions contrary to everything else going on in her head she’s still making steps towards god and actually this is the first answer to the other question i asked at the beginning of the message the other question was this what can i do in the good seasons to prepare to weather the bad ones it’s establish a rhythm of faith that your body and soul can return to even when your emotions can’t when you’re in a good season you can establish establish rhythms of faith that your body and soul can return to even when

your emotions can’t and this is actually one of our values here at south is practice and the reason for that is because practices have this ability of training yourself to live in the way of jesus out of habit of body of soul and of mind dallas willard said about spiritual practices a discipline or spiritual discipline or practice is something in my power that i do to enable me to do what i cannot do by direct effort i know he’s a philosopher you might have to think about that one for a second i had to think about it a lot so let’s let’s read that again a discipline is something in my power that i do something i can do that enables me to do what i can’t do by direct effort when we do spiritual practices it helps us cultivate habit of obedience habit of faithfulness and i think that that’s exactly what’s happening in ruth’s life here she has

established such a current that drives her towards god that she does something kind of crazy she says god’s hand is against me and then she goes to god it doesn’t seem to make sense her emotion says god hates me and yet she’s making steps back towards the people of god back towards the things of god back towards the land of god and i think it’s because she had established patterns of faithfulness over the long haul that was driving her home what else can we do in good seasons where we can become a good grief companion I think it helps you to learn how to navigate your own shadows when you sat in the shadows of another and i really wish i could tell you i was good at this but i’m terrible you can ask my wife i’m terr this i almost didn’t even want to include this point in my message because then she’s just going to quote me

later but it’s there in the text so i had to include it again seven here run away from pain my pain other people’s pain if it hurts run away but i kind of wish i’d learned this lesson earlier because if i had learned how to navigate the shadows and the pain of another i may have had a better understanding of what to expect when i faced my own how can we love someone well when they’re in the clutches of grief interestingly the first two points are the exact same thing acknowledge the grief and sorrow as a normal reaction to loss you can’t look down on them for going through grief you have to acknowledge this is normal they’re reacting the way the human soul is supposed to react to sin and evil in the world grief can overwhelm anyone even the faithful just because they’re doubting god and blaming god does not mean that their deep spirit

that god has placed in them is doubting him look at this beautiful text verse 14 says at this the final plea she makes this they wept aloud again then orpah kissed her mother-in-law and she goes back home but ruth clung to naomi what a beautiful thing what a beautiful thing another thing you can do to love someone is to be with them to be present don’t be surprised and that’s exactly what now what ruth does for naomi here she’s a good grief companion she clings she clings she’s present so i saw this painting a couple weeks ago one of our members sherry malott painted this and posted this on social media recently i just want you to take it in for a minute i know it’s hard to read the verse or the words there and i’ll show you what those say in just a second but just look at that this is what it says sometimes someone isn’t ready to see the bright

side sometimes they need to sit with the shadow first so be a friend sit with them make the darkness beautiful i saw this and i was like oh that’s ruth right even in her own grief even her own sorrow because she’s a widow as well she clings to naomi and she’s a good grief companion i love that what can you do when everything falls apart here’s the last thing i think that we can learn from this story is that we can remember that when god’s involved there’s always hope when god’s involved there’s always hope you know at this point in the story naomi ruth orpah none of them have any signs of hope you know we don’t know what happens with orpah she could go back and maybe she gets married and that’s great we don’t know we don’t know what’s going to happen in the future for this story unless you’re read ahead if you did i

dare you no it’s just but um but we don’t know at this point the story they don’t see the hope there is it’s bleak and dark and there’s nothing but there’s someone in this book that does have hope and that’s our narrator remember last week alex told us that all throughout this story of ruth the narrator is depositing these little bread crumbs of hope it’s gonna be okay it’s gonna be okay it’s gonna be okay and so this is our breadcrumb in this passage this week back in verse six we read that when naomi heard in moab that the lord had come to the aid of his people and the hebrew it gives a more clear picture of what that means it’s actually like god rallies the troops and he comes to the rescue he comes to the rescue for his people and naomi is god’s people and because ruth had clung to naomi ruth is god’s people and the narrator wants us to

see that god is still at work even though naomi and ruth are blind to it and another thing is that this ruth clinging to naomi that’s also this little this little spark of hope and meaning and purpose in the middle of the story so this week um or a couple weeks ago i knew i was preaching this text and it’s a lot of grief involved and so i felt like i should reach out to some of our facilitators of griefshare because maybe they would have some resources for me to help me speak about grief well and if you don’t know anything about griefshare we offer this this group uh class or what uh whatever you want to call it called griefshare if you are in a season of sorrow and grief i’d strongly encourage you to sign up for that and the next time that it’s offered but long story short i reached out to grace hunter who read our passage this morning

and uh i asked her she’s one of the facilitators of griefshare i asked her is there any insights you can give me any any help resources you can give me she referenced this story that one of the speakers for griefshare shares during the course of the class and it’s by paul david paul david tripp and he says this when you grieve it’s easy to lose sight of what god is actually doing to wander down into a dark windowless basement the door accidentally locks behind you and you can’t see any light or feel the sun’s warmth but did the light stop shining no powerful feelings of grief get in the way of our experience of god’s goodness i thought that was really helpful because just like the narrator here tells us naomi’s in the in that dark basement and the lights are out and there’s no hope and and she can’t see but the reality of the situation is the sun is

out the sun is out and she can’t see it yet and she won’t be able to see it in the next week and part of the week after that she’s it’s pretty bleak for her in the season but the sun is out and what we have to remember is that when god’s involved there’s always hope there’s always hope because god’s in the business of changing situations god’s in the business of bringing dead things alive god’s in the business of redeeming what seems to be completely lost so i shared in the beginning of the message that this text really got close to home for me and um so i want to share a little bit more about what that means you guys are probably used to this guy on sunday mornings and that guy’s real because for me on sunday mornings when i gather here and i see you and i hear your voices rise in praise to god and when i see you worshiping it’s like that

breadcrumb of hope it’s like that reminder that the sun is out and so that guy’s real but much of the last two years for me this guy’s been a little bit more real and i it would honestly be easier for me to share this for some reason if i could tell you that like i’d lost a close family member or something because that would maybe be easier for me to admit how hard it’s been but what i’ve learned about grief is that and sorrow and loss is it’s not really a respecter of what i think the scale of grief should be you know one person’s grief is worse and even in this text naomi says it’s worse for me she’s telling this to two widows two women who’ve lost their husbands too and she says my grief is worse so grief and sorrow and pain it doesn’t ask you how you’re supposed to feel about it you just feel it it’s all consuming and it takes over and so i i kind of

wish that it was something like that because it’d be easier for me to admit but for some reason um this season has been really heavy for me over the last two years since since ryan made his announcement uh that he was leaving uh that was a deep loss for me you know ryan and i had spent hours and hours in that conference room over there on a whiteboard dreaming for you all we saw people come we saw people’s lives transformed we dreamt about the future together we fought like cats and dogs we really did but we’d come to a place by the end of this time here where we just got each other we were speaking we were finishing each other’s sentences we were dreaming the same dreams we would send each other the same texts we would send each other the same songs it was like a deep camaraderie and the staff was in the

place where i was so excited about what god was doing and how the potential of what was happening and everything seemed to be coming into alignment and then he made his announcement and it seemed like one puzzle piece of my dream was falling apart after another after another staff members started to leave some of the key volunteers that i loved and that i’d invested in started to leave and it was hard and it was like my dream was falling apart and i wish i could say that i handled it well i wish i could tell you that that i was super faithful and but all i can tell you is i did some of the things that naomi did as i showed up and i tried to come here and be faithful and i found a good person good people to grieve with people who are good grief companions and my wife and steve and rodney pennington and even in ryan and i’m just

plodding forward i’m trying to remember that the sun is out but you know what god is starting to do here again what he did back then and what he’s doing is he’s showing me that the sun is out you know the addition of alex on this team is the statement deep down in the narrative of god that the sun is out i’m i love having alex here his leadership has brought a lot of healing to this team having steve join our team here is the sun is out the sun is out it’s it’s gonna be okay now i’m still struggling with the new normal and what’s the future whole but the sun is out and it’s really helpful for us to know that when god’s involved there’s always hope and i’m not through it all yet and i wish i could give you the one thing that was going to make your sorrow and your pain work better but i can tell you that the sun is out so i’m gonna invite the team

back up and we’re gonna close with a song they’re gonna sing this song called waymaker and this song i want you as we sing this song and they’re gonna they’re gonna play the majority of the song for us i want us to stand and i want to us to look at these lyrics as this anthem of the sun is out that god is on the move he’s a waymaker promise keeper miracle worker light in the darkness because sometimes in the midst of grief that’s all you can cling to is i don’t see it i don’t believe it sometimes i’m not even sure if you’re good anymore but there’s these little glimmers of statements of hope that we can cling to that says he is the waymaker the promised keeper he is the light in the darkness you know there was another day where there was a dark dark basement that it seemed like there was no hope it’s when jesus went into that tomb and

the door was closed and it’s all pitch black and there’s no hope and it’s all bleak and it’s all dark and the savior of the world had died the one who was supposed to come and redeem his people to rescue them from the world and he was dead in a grave but the sun was out because he didn’t stay there so let’s stand together let’s declare that he is the waymaker