Sanctuary: A holy place, set apart for refuge and refreshment

We are a community of ‘Healing Women, Healing Women.” We do this by being with Jesus, living like Jesus lived, and doing as Jesus did, together. As we walk with Jesus and find his healing in spiritual formation, we pass on what He is doing in us to one another. 



Our weekly gatherings are a platform for spiritual formation. We want our women’s groups to be places where women meaningfully connect with one another and are encouraged and refreshed in the presence of Jesus. Knowing that women grow and develop in different ways, we seek to offer different formats where women can connect and grow. Click the button below for a complete listing of our current groups!

“I enjoyed the speakers and have tried to practice the exercise they showed us almost daily. I want to become closer to God and want to hear what He wants me to hear and know.”

Susan C., Sisterhood

“There were so many times I didn’t want to attend because I was so emotionally tired. I thought I would just break down in my group. However, after the message, I was able to put it into perspective. I am only human and I am not my mess. It has been consuming me so much this past year. I gave my mess to God and asked my group to pray. I left feeling more at peace. This group grounds me and helps me get through the rough times.”

Anonymous, Sisterhood

“I’ve been in other Bible studies where I’ve walked out feeling like a horrible human being, but this study was so open and such a wonderful community of women and experience that I wanted to go home and study the Bible. I’d even call my mom to discuss what I have learned.”

Lindsey, Thursday Morning Bible Study

“I am new to Sisterhood this semester. I found South at a very dark part in my life. It helped me to break the chains that were holding me down and to find friendship and community exactly when I needed it. Sisterhood helped me to solidify the foundation I had been building. The series of dealing with life and turning to God in hard times has helped me see that I am not alone in my struggles. Not only do I have the Lord, I have my sisters. I need to continue to listen and let Him lead. It was no coincidence God brought me through South’s doors. It’s no coincidence He led me to Sisterhood. He continues to walk with me on this journey and I am so grateful for His continued blessings. Hallelujah!”

Sara, Sisterhood

“Our study on Philippians has been such a joy for me. I have been growing in praise and joy during some difficult times in our family. God has answered prayer for my grandaughter and God is teaching me to trust Him through praise and joy.”

Judy G., Tuesday Morning Bible Study

“Sisterhood was a great reminder of inviting God into the mess of my life at times without the need to have everything together first. I loved the panel reminded me to slow down and listen to God. I can be ‘busy’ but I don’t need to be ‘hurried’. I also love the reminder of my identity as only human and actually human, and finally uniquely human. God made us in His image and only a little below the angels. My intention is to invite God into everything I do.”

Terri H., Sisterhood

“Lots to love about this study – rhythm and routine to reading God’s word, learning many tools to better understand Scripture, discussion. It’s been a great way to get to know women at South of all ages – inter-generational groups are very important to me! Thanks to June and Lauren who co-led this group with wisdom, grace and intentionality, creative space for us to meet Thursday and encounter God in new ways.”

Anonymous, Thursday Morning Bible Study

“Sisterhood was a place that gave me the reminder to slow down during the week and help recenter. I also appreciate the space where we can share and pray and know it’s confidential in our group. The ladies that spoke usually gave me something to chew on over the week or specific verses to dive into or mediate on. I found myself just wanting to sit in God’s presence even more with this group’s encouragement.”

Janice, Sisterhood

“This study has brought me connection to women of different ages and life stages as we study together. It has been a break from the craziness of life to grow closer to God.”

Hannah R., Thursday Morning Bible Study

“Sisterhood has been my haven for several years. Friendships is what I hear from other women and it is what many desire the most. The talks were given by attending women – those who are part of the process with the rest of us. ‘Experts’ are not necessary, just fellow travelers. Sisterhood as a place to have support and to grow seem to be what is loved most. We all want to be known.”

Anonymous, Sisterhood

“We just began returning to in-person events following the pandemic after watching online as visitors for 2 years. I wanted to connect while also connecting my 79-year-old mom who lives with us, has been ill, and is new to Colorado. We dropped into this group right in the middle of the study and were anxious it might be poor timing or that we would feel like a fifth wheel coming in so late. We need not worry though – we were warmly accepted and the ladies shared books and resources so we could fully participate. By the time the 1st session was over we both felt we’d made friends and had a place we could both connect. :)”

Sharla C., Tuesday Morning Bible Study

“Patrick and Emily Meyers – simple yet profound. Reminder and handout about listening for God’s voice and that it doesn’t have to be laborious or difficult. Ask and listen, trusting God will speak…He will. Bolstered my faith and confidence and I’m building my ‘listening muscles'”.

Angela D., Sisterhood

“I loved every speaker. Each speech gave me something that I resonated with. Mostly what. I took from the Sisterhood program was that Jesus is with us through the messy times and in the good times – that He meets us where we are at. Jesus was busy but he always had time for those that needed him.”

Anonymous, Sisterhood

“It was such a rich time! We studied the life of Peter in depth. The Bible came alive to me. I felt refreshed. I’m also new to CO and new to South so I’ve had no Jesus community. These precious women in this group fed my soul as we journeyed together. So grateful to be a part of this Bible study.”

Carla B., Thursday Morning Bible Study

“The theme this semester was ‘Walking with Jesus when Life Gets Messy’. I was grateful to hear from everyone who spoke and can share how to walk with Jesus in the messiness. I thought well, I really don’t have any messes but then a little mess came into my life in the last week. Celeste stated, make a deliberate choice to invite Jesus in my mess, in every part of my life.”

Anonymous, Sisterhood

“Patrick & Emily Meyers shared thoughts and stories about just sitting and listening and hearing God speak to each of us. We did an exercise of quiet listening to hear what God would say to us individually. I was dealing with an issue I had prayed about and felt I had received an answer from God but was having second thoughts. In that moment of silence and listening, I heard clearly God say I am in control and you heard correctly the first time. Continue to have trust that I am in control of your situation. I was convicted that sharing our stories with others is very important.”

Denise H.C., Sisterhood

“The table with the ladies I’ve gotten to know, share with, learn from, listen to and pray with has been very special! Also this ‘Discovering Joy in Philippians’ has been very growthful. It is good to have the weekly connection with other believers. Praise God.”

Anonymous, Tuesday Morning Bible Study

“I am struggling in a multitude of areas. This semester God has encouraged me that I am not alone in walking through a mess. Others have and are walking through and struggling, yet, He is faithful to bring us through to the other side. Even when it might seem [like] there is no end in sight. Takeaway would be I am ok where I am and that God sees and cares. Am blessed by connecting with other women.”

Anonymous, Sisterhood

“I’ve always been hesitant to join a Bible Study because of the format and time commitment, but I’m so thankful for this group. Even though we didn’t have formal homework (which I’m so grateful for), I found myself reflecting and spending more time in the Bible than I ever have in the past. Each lesson was relatable and it was easy to follow. It was never intimidating and I learned so much from my fellow peers. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you!”

Lindsey S., Thursday Morning Bible Study

“During my time in Sisterhood not only did I grow closer to Jesus I also developed an ability to become more transparent with other women. The Lord let me know to just breathe. By breathing deeply it gives you that extra minute with Him. It helped me to pause momentarily in the stillness, which quiets the chaos. It reminds me that I have been given this life to live fully and to breathe it in and live on in Him.”

Cyndie P., Sisterhood

“My first time to Sisterhood: I enjoyed the speakers sharing their stories when their lives were messy. We all have messes in our lives. When I am weak, God is strong. Jesus is my anchor to the ground. I have started looking for specific verses about hope in the middle of the in-between. Great music choices each week.”

Anonymous, Sisterhood


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