A Journey through the Wisdom of Proverbs

Do you ever wonder how the universe works? Because it does. It works. Scientists have been discovering laws built into the very fabric of our physical world for years. Gravity pulls. Planets orbit. Objects at rest stay at rest. The list goes on. But our investigation of reality doesn’t stop at scientific discovery. The ancient Hebrew book of Proverbs claims wisdom is wired into the very fabric of our universe too. Proverbs says wisdom is so obvious, it’s like a woman screaming in the streets, no one can escape the sound of her voice. By learning wisdom and living according to it, we align with the way we’re created. Still, wisdom is different from smarts. It’s knowing the art of how to live, anchored and grounded for whatever the world may throw at us.

Join us at South Fellowship this summer as we journey together in the book of Proverbs, discovering wisdom and learning the art of how to live.