Series Description

Standing on a mountain gives perspective. It allows one to see what cannot be seen from the valley where trees and vegetation prevail. The peak gives a unique ability to see the path that’s been walked and to dream about where life is heading. It’s no coincidence that Jesus’ most important teaching took place on the top of a mountain.

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus gives his manifesto about the art of human flourishing. He joins the other rabbis and sages throughout history and answers life’s ultimate question, “how does a person live the good life?” Jesus’ answer to that question is so compelling that people have been writing, discussing, and wrestling over his words for over 2,000 years.

This summer our community is going to join a long line of wrestlers and practitioners. We’re going to walk together through these weighty words recorded by Jesus’ friend in Matthew 5-7 trying to understand Jesus’ paradigm for living the blessed life. And, we are going to ask how we as a community can live in Jesus’ way with Jesus’ heart today… in our world… in our time.