Have you heard the message yet?

If you have not heard Pastor Ryan’s message on the first verse of Psalm 23 you missed something wonderful.  You can listen to it here: Satisfied.

I am personally looking forward to hearing the rest of the series on this rich biblical passage.

The text and the sermon reminded me that the Bible calls elders to shepherd God’s flock, the local church. Indeed, God’s anointed servants are not actually shepherds but do the work of sheep herding in ways God has designed. This is why they are called undershepherds, for they serve under the Great Shepherd Jesus.

One chapter from the book, The Perfect Pastor? teaches about sheep and people, elders and shepherds. It teaches through a narrative. I thought it worth sharing as a supplement to this excellent series from Psalm 23.  If you wish, you can download Sheep Herding 101 for your edification.

God’s blessings on you!

Don Owsley