Being Formed in Christ

Each of us is on a unique spiritual journey.  Spiritual formation is the ongoing process each person experiences as they develop their relationship with Jesus and his people. We serve a God who meets us where we are and invites us into a deeper relationship with him. This can take place through a variety of different spiritual practices, both individually and in community. We’re excited to come alongside you and equip you for your journey.



The way of Jesus wasn’t meant to be lived alone! We believe personal connection and spiritual formation take place in community. Our groups exist to provide a place to engage with others in prayer, scripture study, and mutual support. Access our current list of open groups, classes, prayer groups, and more below:

“This [Rooted] study coincided with a very difficult personal life crisis. I am so grateful for the support of my Rooted group during this time – their support, their prayers, their encouragement.”

Neil W., Rooted Group

“This class has been an amazing experience with regards to developing skills to immediately implement in all relationships throughout my life. It also has supported inward reflection into family life and histories that have led to issues in relationships. It has supported those difficult conversations with the ones we love and those at work and throughout our life. It also has provided a lens to process emotions and events to support those with a lens of God and His grace in those moments. 10/10 would recommend.”

John E., Emotionally Healthy Relationships

“The Rooted structure was great to help me get back into daily Bible study and prayer and to remind me of my passion and faith. I also met great friends and felt more connected to the church.”

Terri H., Rooted Group

“When I came to South, I was starting to flounder spiritually. My wife and I got involved with the Food Bank, but, still had a hole. I knew that I needed a small group again; but nothing offered fit my schedule. On a whim, I signed up for more [Rooted] info (I did not expect to actually attend). As I went through the journey, I sensed God moving me to open myself in ways that I had never opened myself before. I saw that God works best with imperfect people.”

Duane R., Rooted Group

“Absolutely loved this class – the material is excellent. I realized how often I read other people’s minds (badly). I also realized how often I was afraid to be honest about how I felt or what I need. This has helped me be more assertive in a kind way.”

Lisa R., Emotionally Healthy Relationships

“I enjoyed getting to know people and feel more connected to the church. God brought Matthew 6 to my attention and I have enjoyed reading it especially since we are studying it in church.”

Kelley P., Rooted Group

“Serving together was a wonderful way to connect with some of our group. My favorite part of Rooted was the last week where we affirmed one another. I enjoyed being able to encourage others and hear what God did during our time.”

Anonymous , Rooted Group

“This course brings clarity on what it looks like to be emotionally healthy in relating to God, yourself and others. Very practical and perhaps the best group study I have ever attended. Totally worth it, helping move the needle towards loving well.”

Brian L., Emotionally Healthy Relationships

“God showed up in the vulnerability and willingness of our group to honestly share and bring concerns to Him. God used discussion to bring me peace at times, grace gratefulness, and joy. The ‘pray’ lesson was a great reminder of how to come to God and the lesson on spiritual gifts was awesome.”

Denise H.C., Rooted Group

“Going through this program helped me meet others and re-invigorated my prayer life.”

Todd S., Rooted Group


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