Embracing Spiritual Practices

Learning grace is the process of transformation. We are convinced transformation happens by grace as we align our lives with the gospel, and ‘tune our hearts to see God’s grace’. It is our desire to be a learning community who embraces spiritual practices with joy. We participate in worship, prayer, scripture reading, memorization, sabbath, generosity, silence, solitude, and more because we believe actively training ourselves through healthy spiritual rhythms directs our whole selves toward being formed into the image of our Lord and Rabbi, Jesus.



Your story matters! Join us on July 23rd from 9am-2pm to explore the story of your own life, to discover the threads of God’s purpose and work in your life, and to discern how sharing your story can make a difference in other people’s lives. This is a hands-on workshop, led by June Wiegert and Angela Dunn. Lunch is included. Cost is $10. Register online by July 18th and join us!



There’s only so much we can cover in a Sunday morning gathering! Each week, you’re invited to tune into our new livestream, “Guys Drinking Tea – Sermon Conversations with Alex and Aaron”. Every Thursday at 11am, Pastor Alex and Pastor Aaron will spend some time in casual conversation diving deeper into ideas related to last Sunday’s teaching. Brew some tea of your own and tune in! Find the livestream on YouTube and Facebook, or listen to the podcast version on your favorite podcast platform.

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Join us Sunday mornings in the Connections Room from 9:00-10:15am as we study how the Lord founded, instructed and evaluated the church at Ephesus. No registration necessary!



Prayer is a declaration of our dependence on God. You’re invited to make that declaration alongside others through our Watchmen prayer ministry. The Watchmen (and women!) gather Wednesday nights from 6:30-8:30pm in the church office conference room to pray for global issues in the news, as well as national and local ones. This team also prays for South, its leadership, congregation, individuals, and ministries. No registration necessary…come with a humble spirit and be ready to pray bold prayers in faith!



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Here at South, we desire to be a community rooted in prayer. One simple way for each of us to anchor ourselves in this practice is to subscribe to our Prayer Request enewsletter. Each week you’ll receive a list of prayer requests from our church community, Food Bank guests, missionaries we support around the world and more. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to subscribe online and take some time to bring these requests to God each week. Thank you!


“This [Rooted] study coincided with a very difficult personal life crisis. I am so grateful for the support of my Rooted group during this time – their support, their prayers, their encouragement.”

Neil W., Rooted Group

“This class has been an amazing experience with regards to developing skills to immediately implement in all relationships throughout my life. It also has supported inward reflection into family life and histories that have led to issues in relationships. It has supported those difficult conversations with the ones we love and those at work and throughout our life. It also has provided a lens to process emotions and events to support those with a lens of God and His grace in those moments. 10/10 would recommend.”

John, Emotionally Healthy Relationships

“It was so helpful to have people make this journey together. Talking through our experiences in addition to the material was really uplifting.”

Anonymous, Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

“The Rooted structure was great to help me get back into daily Bible study and prayer and to remind me of my passion and faith. I also met great friends and felt more connected to the church.”

Terri H., Rooted Group

“I think the biggest impact of this class (so far) has been the realization that there are so many pathways to connect with God, and that if my usual pathway (intellectual) is getting stale, there are other pathways that might work better. So often I’ve felt stuck in a rut, searching around for the next commentary to read during my quiet time, but now I can mix things up by trying a different pathway. I’ve been doing that during this class and my quiet times are so much more energized and fulfilling.”

Anonymous, Spiritual Practices

“When I came to South, I was starting to flounder spiritually. My wife and I got involved with the Food Bank, but, still had a hole. I knew that I needed a small group again; but nothing offered fit my schedule. On a whim, I signed up for more [Rooted] info (I did not expect to actually attend). As I went through the journey, I sensed God moving me to open myself in ways that I had never opened myself before. I saw that God works best with imperfect people.”

Duane R., Rooted Group

“Absolutely loved this class – the material is excellent. I realized how often I read other people’s minds (badly). I also realized how often I was afraid to be honest about how I felt or what I need. This has helped me be more assertive in a kind way.”

Lisa R., Emotionally Healthy Relationships

“I enjoyed getting to know people and feel more connected to the church. God brought Matthew 6 to my attention and I have enjoyed reading it especially since we are studying it in church.”

Kelley P., Rooted Group

“I love this material. I love the vulnerability of the speaker and the way he points us to God’s love.”

Lisa R., Emotionally Healthy Relationships

“Serving together was a wonderful way to connect with some of our group. My favorite part of Rooted was the last week where we affirmed one another. I enjoyed being able to encourage others and hear what God did during our time.”

Anonymous , Rooted Group

“We have attended the Hebrews Class for several weeks. John Samuelson’s teaching is head and shoulders above anything we have heard, yet he brings it all down to our level. We are so pleased with teaching that the Bible is true and accurate.”

Jim A., A Study of Hebrews Class

“I began this group as a co-leader and soon realized that the material presented is so necessary for my own journey…both spiritually and relationally. I’m so thankful for the invitation to co-lead and the way God has grown me through this curriculum.”

David, Emotionally Healthy Relationships

“God showed up in the vulnerability and willingness of our group to honestly share and bring concerns to Him. God used discussion to bring me peace at times, grace gratefulness, and joy. The ‘pray’ lesson was a great reminder of how to come to God and the lesson on spiritual gifts was awesome.”

Denise H.C., Rooted Group

“This course brings clarity on what it looks like to be emotionally healthy in relating to God, yourself and others. Very practical and perhaps the best group study I have ever attended. Totally worth it, helping move the needle towards loving well.”

Brian L., Emotionally Healthy Relationships

“Going through this program helped me meet others and re-invigorated my prayer life.”

Todd S., Rooted Group

“Really appreciated the clearly laid out principles and tools that can be referred to easily as I learn to apply them in relationships. Also really liked how they combined scripture, devotional writings and historical Christian sources.”

Bill, Emotionally Healthy Relationships

“Highlight – Discipline in reading God’s Word and the Rooted book each week. Felt like family and was easy to share concerns, joys with group. Book prepared me to share my story with confidence even though I don’t have a dramatic story.”

Karen S., Rooted Group

“Helped me become a better listener, less judgemental, understanding and accepting of others.”

Julie, Emotionally Healthy Relationships

“Before Rooted, [my] faith was ‘action-based’ – Pray. Listen. Move forward in accordance with God’s will. Act. Faith through service. Always with a purpose. Rooted and the men in our group showed me the relational side of faith. Come into [the] presence of God simply to be with Him.”

John M., Rooted Group

“This has given me clarity in so many ways; although I had a vague understanding this has really opened up my eyes and given me a deeper understanding of how to have healthier relationships.”

Tami K., Emotionally Healthy Relationships

“I was in a better discipline of spending more time with God which led to comfort and peace along with confirmation of my purpose.”

Jan J., Rooted Group

“The class gave me some tools to improve relationships and conversations, specifically: starting conversations with ‘I have noticed’ and asking ‘what is impacting you the most this week?'”

Russ, Emotionally Healthy Relationships

“I enjoyed meeting everyone in our group and learning their perspectives on different topics.”

Andrew P., Rooted Group

“This is such a powerful class. I know I continue to grow in using the materials and continue to use the daily devotionals in my quiet time. Love that South is doing this.”

Tami K., Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

“My biggest takeaway from this class is my need to lay aside preconceived thoughts about what I can expect in where the Lord lead, but to be open to whatever and all He has for me. I enjoy the relational and interrelational dynamic in focus during the study.”

Brett W., Rooted Group

“I had to soften my heart to a woman in order to live within the love of God. I was almost hardening my heart to God because I almost hardened my heart about her. Through this class, it saved my life. Thank you.”

Anonymous, Emotionally Healthy Relationships
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