baptismYesterday we baptized 7 people at South! It was such a great morning. As a pastor, there is nothing better than hearing about gospel transformation taking place in the life of our people. The stories of what God has done in the lives of people who took this step of obedience yesterday remind me why I wanted to become a pastor. Yesterday we heard stories of God overcoming addiction, a man who met Jesus in jail, a man who was homeless for a time, a woman lost her kids because of the life she was living… and the common thread through it all was that JESUS SAVES AND HIS GRACE IS SUFFICIENT! It was such a powerful morning of celebrating God’s grace and mercy towards us and the new life we have in Him.

If you were there, my prayer is that you were reminded of how good God has been to you! May we live today with an enlarged perspective; with faith in our great God and the sufficiency of Jesus.