As many of you know my wife gave birth to our first child on Friday January 30th! We are adjusting to being parents pretty well I think. When people tell you that life is going to change, they really mean it. Everything seems to be different; the way I look at the world, the way I pray, the way I think about God, etc. It really transforms a lot of things… in a good way!


The most popular question that people seem to as is, “Are you getting any sleep?” I’m not sure if its because I look tired or because most people with newborns don’t get a lot of sleep. As I reflect on the question, yes, I am getting less sleep! However I can’t think of anything that I would rather have interrupt my sleep than hearing Ethan’s cry. As I begin on this journey of becoming a parent, even stages of sleep is a beautiful thing! I’m not totally sure it will always be that way, but right now I will revel in the newness of it all, the beauty of it all, the blessing of it all, and enjoy even the lack of sleep! (spoken like a new parent I’m sure! :)