One of my rhythms of the year is to set up my new planner. My planner happens to move with the school year instead of the calendar year and so starts with every August. It’s a delight to me to think about the start of new possibilities and habits as summer starts to wind to an end and a new season begins. What do I want this fall to look like? How about the rest of the year? Is there anything I want to add, change, or take away to order my days since this is a natural time to start?

South Fellowship is in a similar season. The summer is ending (though not ended yet). People are getting in one last vacation. Kids are buying their school supplies. The church looks forward to bible studies and life groups starting up again. We have an opportunity with a new season, as people gather back together, to try new things and introduce new habits as a community.

What if we asked God what he wants to do in our community in this new season? And what if we asked him how he wants us, as the community of South, and as individuals, to be part of it? Over the course of this month, we will explore what those new opportunities might be and what it could look like if we were to say yes to those opportunities. We invite you to listen, read, and pray with an open mind, listening ears, and a sense of excitement for what might be next.

By Jessica Rust

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