by Aaron Bjorklund

One of the saddest realities is the fact that it is so easy to make a case against Christianity based on how Christians behave. There are far too many examples of Christians who have made mistakes, behaved unkindly, and even horribly abused others. Sadly, there are even examples when Christians have done horrible things because of their profession of faith. A few weeks ago, pastor Alex said, “Christians are the best argument for the validity of our faith; they are also the best argument against Christianity.” Why would anyone maintain faith in a religion that allows its members to perpetrate atrocities?

“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

This is one of the most emotionally charged objections to Christianity, because many people have been on the receiving end of trauma at the hands of a misguided or evil person who professed Christian faith. I don’t have time to offer excuses on behalf of atrocities that professing Christians have done in history. I will offer a few points to consider, and one truth about God, to comfort you if you have felt this doubt. 

Not every person who claims to be a Christian is one. Christianity is a faith of grace, rather than one of works. That truth has made many think that they may have cheap grace — a faith without conditions. Finally, if you have been abused or harmed by a Christian, Jesus agrees with your outrage. One of scriptures’ greatest expressions is the protection of the weak and vulnerable from the atrocities that religion can produce. When a Christian has done wrong, they have acted against their faith, not in alignment with it. Justice is important to the heart of God; so justice will be enforced, even upon those who claim a Christian faith.

Redeem me from human oppression, that I may obey your precepts. Psalm 119:134

This psalm is a good prayer to pray if this is how you feel. Ask God to redeem you from oppression so that you can restore your faith and keep his precepts. Your outrage against injustice is similar to the outrage God feels about it.

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