Of old you laid the foundation of the earth,

    and the heavens are the work of your hands.

 They will perish, but you will remain;

    they will all wear out like a garment.

You will change them like a robe, and they will pass away,

     but you are the same, and your years have no end.

The children of your servants shall dwell secure;

    their offspring shall be established before you.  Psalm 102:25-28

Long straight black hair, every kind and color of bracelet covering both her arms from wrist bone to elbow, and symbolic necklaces adorn this young adult cash register attendant. It’s like she wants you to know exactly where she stands and what she stands for. I know she is not like me. Every time I go to the store, I look for her, greet her by her name and ask the Lord to lead me in a conversation with her. Over the years I have found out lots of tidbits about her and keep praying for her, and have asked others to pray for her.

A friend of mine frequents his favorite fast food restaurant and has for years. He spends time in his Bible there regularly and God has led him to conversations about Jesus with many. Contact with those not like us abound if you make the effort to seek them out. Those not like us could be younger, older, of different ethnicity, religion, politics and perspectives. If you have read the Not Like Me book by Eric Bryant, he shares a story about a gas station attendant that he talked to regularly when he fueled his car. The Lord used Eric to bring this man a Bible and more.

So, your activity for this week is to pick a place you frequent or a person that you often see somewhere and be intentional about asking God to lead you. The last couple weeks we’ve made prayer cards to help you keep praying about those not like you, prayer walked and observed in your neighborhood, and now this week look for a business or an event to frequent with your presence in your neighborhood. You could do this yourself, as a family or with other Christ followers. Early in my discipleship I learned that only people and God’s word last for eternity. Through ministry I learned gaining people’s trust earns the privilege of sharing the lifesaving news of Jesus with them. God has given you a story and he has people he wants you to share that story with. Jesus said “go” (Matthew 28:19-20), we are his hands and feet. There is a whole world of people waiting to hear.

I will sing of the steadfast love of the Lord, forever; with my mouth I will make known your faithfulness to all generations. Psalm 89:8

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. Ephesians 2:10

By Donna Burns