I wonder if I expect and settle for far too little. I’ve been challenged by the book of Nehemiah to dream a little bit bigger. I’ve been challenged to settle less and believe again that God can do more than I could ever think or dream.

See, Nehemiah is a foreigner in the land of Persia. He’s pretty high up in the government and has a good job. He’s the cupbearer to the king. Unless the wine gets poisoned, it’s a pretty plush job; and if it does get poisoned, he’s dead! Nehemiah hears that the wall in Jerusalem is destroyed and it breaks his heart. He loves his people and wants to see them prosper.

Now, Nehemiah has unique access to the king because of his position, and he decides to use it to push forward his/God’s agenda to rebuild the wall. It’s a bold move to ask the king to allow him to go help rebuild the wall in the first place, but listen to everything that Nehemiah asks for