Pursuing Wholeness

Jesus models what it means to be a whole human being, and we long to live in his way. Here at South, we value being fully integrated people — Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual, Relational, Vocational, and Financial — offering all of ourselves to God.



None of us are perfect, and there is zero shame in reaching out for help. We strongly believe in creating a space where our fears, failures, and brokenness can be restored and made whole. Our support group offerings vary based on semester, and we encourage you to see if there is one that could be helpful to you.

“I have a real connection to the leader Nicole, she calls me family. Anytime I’m scared and in a low place, she has made herself available. I was lost, now I have a foundation of faith. [I] don’t only look forward to Tuesday night, but I’m now coming to church at South Fellowship. I’m going to volunteer. Doing one day at a time through the power of Christ Jesus.”

Anonymous, Celebrate Recovery

“The Overcome class was great! My story is about the sadness of my oldest son not speaking to me. I am a recovering alcoholic. I’ve learned how to handle my emotions.”

Anonymous, Overcome

“Years before I was not working on my sobriety and letting Christ have that sobriety. Before I was in a recovery home trying to live off the streets but never working on my sobriety with Christ. Now I’m living in Christ with the heart of Christ, coming to see our letting God work in my life keep me off the streets and sober. I love the fact that there’s a pastor that will see the fact that people need sobriety and they need CR in their life thank you very much.”

Anonymous, Celebrate Recovery


There are no upcoming events at this time. Please check back soon!

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