FamilyWe announced this past Sunday that Aaron Bjorklund, our worship pastor, will be joining our pastoral staff full-time! Aaron has been a blessing to this body for the past year and a half working on a part time basis – and he has done a wonderful job.

I wanted to share with you a little bit more about why we are convinced God led us to make this move. Aaron is not only a gifted worship leader, but he also has a pastor’s heart and a desire to walk with and shepherd God’s people. Aaron’s genuine love for the Lord and desire to build up His body will be a blessing to South for years to come. Aaron will not only be leading our worship, but he will also be managing our website, tech,graphics, and he will (eventually) help lead our missions outreach. Aaron’s skills will allow South reach out more effectively to the community God has placed us in. The way that God has gifted Aaron is multi-faceted and truly a perfect fit for South.

On a personal level, I am excited to work closer with Aaron because I genuinely enjoy being around him and am encouraged to pursue Jesus more passionately because of the time I spend with him. I’m excited that more time together thinking and praying through our services will allow us to do more creative elements in the service – that will hopefully shine a brighter light on the glorious gospel. I’m excited to spend time planning how to influence our community with the good news of the grace Jesus has showered down on us. I’m excited because I really sense that God has united our hearts with a common vision for ministry – pointing people to the life-changing grace and mercy of God.

It is with great joy that we welcome Aaron, Alison, Reese and Piper! I’m SO excited for this new season at South and I anticipate God doing (or, better said, continuing to do) great things in our midst. I’m more convinced than ever that THE BEST IS YET TO COME.