I was reading the paper today and I came across an interesting article in the “local” section. The article was about a 100 year old Christian Science Church. When the church was first started there were many people who attended (they built a 1,200 seat auditorium), but now, even though they recently restored the building, there are less than 100 people who come to the church on a Sunday morning. Luckily, this church has a brilliant idea to remedy the problem.

They are going to host a “rock concert.”

This is revolutionary, I know! The wording that they use in the article is hilarious. It reads, “the spare, stuccoed chambers will echo with rock-infused spiritual music.” Awesome! I for one can’t wait. I have never heard of a church that played modern music before this news worthy article was written. I mean, when someone comes up with an idea this ground-breaking, San Diego must know!

I have a revolutionary idea for this Christian Science Church. PREACH THE GOSPEL! Your church isn’t empty because people don’t like your music, and it won’t fill up because you host a semi-cheesy rock concert. Your church is empty because the power of the gospel is absent. The scriptures are overwhelmingly clear that there is power in the gospel (Rom. 1:16-17, etc.); so repent of your lack of trust in the sufficiency of Jesus, preach His gospel, see the Holy Spirit transform lives, and watch God do a great work among you.

It’s revolutionary I know. I’m not sure how I thought of it…