I grew up in central Africa. My parents were missionaries there. After college I had the privilege of working for the same missions organization that my parents worked with. During that time I had the opportunity to talk with missionaries from all around the world. If you talk to enough missionaries, stories of miraculous movements of God are inevitable. Hearing God-sized stories of revival and healing is one of the things I loved most about working in the world of international missions. Having heard all these stories, you would think that my faith in God’s supernatural work in the modern world is strong, but it often isn’t. Even as a pastor, I see and hear so little about supernatural movements of God in the American church.

I don’t have time to make a theological case for modern miracles, nor does this seem to be the best place for that. Instead, I want to sprinkle into your day one small story of the miraculous. Watch this short story from a missionary nurse.

A Miraculous Story of One Missionary Nurse to the Poor

Does your faith swell slightly when you hear stories like this one?
Do you wonder why we don’t hear more stories like this?

We can’t answer all those questions here but may I suggest that you bring your questions and curiosities to God in prayer today. Ask him to give you his perspective on such things. Ask him to make you open to his work in the world and wise to see HIM in it.

By Aaron Bjorklund

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