Before Christmas arrives, we prepare our hearts through a tradition called Advent. Some use Advent calendars to build anticipation. Others use Advent wreaths as they prepare for celebrating Jesus’ first arrival. Here at South, we light candles and read Scriptures. We believe building in practices of anticipation are important for our formation because it creates space for greater joy in our hearts on celebration day!

On Sundays, we’ll be studying rich Old Testament prophecy pointing to Jesus’ first coming while alluding to his second coming. You can use Monday’s guide to connect with Jesus personally, discuss with a friend, or stimulate conversation over a family meal. Let Jesus speak as you become present to him through this process!

  1. Start Here … How do your ideal expectations for the Christmas holiday compare to your typical reality on Christmas day?
  2. Light + Listen … Light one candle and read Micah 5:2-5a
  3. Get Honest … Compare your experience with Jesus to the character in the text. In what ways do you experience Jesus as this passage describes? In what ways would you like Jesus to do more of what this passage describes?
  4. Change Mind … Take a moment of silence asking Jesus what he wants you to know about Christmas this year.
  5. Walk Anew … Ask Jesus what he would like you to do with what he’s spoken to you today.

Prophecy can be a tricky genre to read and understand. To learn more about how to read the prophets, watch Bible Project’s informational video on YouTube and reflect on the following questions.

Watch The Video

  • What do you think of when you hear the word “prophet”?
  • What are three themes in the prophetic books?
  • What does the Bible Project suggest is the twin message of the prophets?

By Yvonne Biel

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