I am teaching a new series for the college ministry starting this weekend that we are calling ‘All In.’ My first message will be on God’s Missing Attribute… His Generosity. As I have read through theology books and books specifically on God’s attributes, I have yet to read something that talks about God’s generosity as one of His attributes; as part of his innate character. We talk a lot about God’s holiness, righteous, etc. but we don’t ever seem to state that God is exceedingly generous.

This weekend I am going to teach on the story of the prodigal son, but I am going to take a different angle. I wonder if the story should really be called the Story of the Generous Father. The Bible doesn’t call that story the story of the prodigal son… we do. I wonder we missed the point. I wonder if even that goes to prove and illustrate how truly egocentric we are. When we view that story through the lens of the father, we see how amazingly generous God is to his children. Giving (his inheritance to his son), then running (toward his son), then forgiving, then throwing a party… but at the heart of the story God is always giving.

The series is going to be about living a generous life, but that really starts with understanding that God is a generous God. He has given us everything… and he asks us to do the same. ALL IN!