Dear South Fellowship Church,

I wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU. When God called me here back in April of 2012, I had no idea of the ride that I was in for. I knew that he had called me here to be your pastor, and what a joy that is! I was unaware that he called me here to be near my family through my mom’s illness. It has been one of the most difficult journeys in my life, but one where I have sensed and known God’s presence and goodness in ways that have stretched and shaped me. Over the past year I have learned more fully what it means to be part of a church body and to receive God’s grace through you all.

Yesterday I was reminded of just how much this body of believers has stood beside me and in many ways, held me up. To see so many people stay after to pray for my mom after yesterday’s service touched my heart (that’s an understatement). I knew that many of you had been praying for my parents as they have walked this journey over the past year, but to see so many show up and cry out to God on our behalf impacted me in ways beyond what words can describe. It was truly a beautiful thing to experience and to be a part of.

Thank you for your ministry to my family and I. I was reminded once again that it is impossible to out-give God. As much as I have desired to serve this body, I am convinced that he has given more through you to me than I have given out!

Thank you for so beautifully and powerfully being the body of Christ and showing the love of Christ to me and my family.

Pastor Ryan