Hi Well people!

As you know my time at theWell is quickly coming to a close. It feels like the past five years have flown by! As often is the case in life, it’s in the times of change that you finally have the chance to step back and see the journey in its entirety. Over the last month I’ve had the chance to reflect on the ways that God has moved in theWELL over the last 5 years, the people that he has allowed me to share journey with, and the ways that I have changed and grown through the process. I stand in amazement! Words can’t describe my gratitude and thankfulness!

I want to take just a brief moment to say thank you. You have consistently opened yourselves up to me and have truly shared your life with me. You’ve invited me in and given me the right to speak into your life. From mission trips, to retreats, to Sunday nights, your have opened your hearts to me and for that I am so grateful. Honestly, words cannot express how much it has meant to me. Ministering to you and with you has been a complete joy!

In addition, I want to thank you for allowing me to teach you. I know that is a blessing that you give, not a right that I had because I was your pastor. I consistently attempted to bring the Word to you; to encourage you and challenge you where needed. Over the last few weeks especially I have had the opportunity to hear some of the ways you have been changed by his Word and I am amazed by God’s faithfulness and the the ways he has used my fragile life for his eternal glory. Praise God!

The past 5 years have been a blast. To all those who have shared in them with me, I say ‘thank you’! You have made the journey what it has been and you will forever be in my heart. The Lord has bound us together through His gospel, and that is a partnership that we will share wherever we land geographically. It has been an pleasure to be your pastor. Thank you for entrusting me with that honor! I know that the Lord is preparing someone amazing to step in; He is good and His plan for theWELL is good! Keep loving each other, walking with one another, growing in the truth and grace of His gospel, trusting that there is joy in obedience, and pointing people to Jesus.

I love you all and look forward to seeing you on Sunday May 20th where I get to teach as pastor of theWELL for one last time!

Eternally bound together by His grace,