My message for this week in our series “The Gospel According to Facebook” is called “Become a Fan.” I am so stoked to give this message. The whole fan thing has been one of my favorite developments in facebook over the last few months. The things that people come up with to be fans of is absolutely hilarious! I was doing some research for my message this weekend looking at some of the crazy things people are fans of. One that caught my eye was “Laughing when people fall.” I thought to myself, “that’s about the dumbest things I’ve ever heard.” Not only that, but it’s simply not nice to laugh at people when they fall. Anyway, I went to the site to read what people were posting (which I’d never done before, but people write some really funny/ridiculous things), and I found this video posted. I was in my office crying I was laughing so hard! Evidentially I am a fan of “Laughing when people fall” and I didn’t even know it! Watch this… please.