I love my wife. I love many things about her but I was reminded of one tonight that I just feel like sharing. She does this, “Oh no I’m too sleepy” panic thing. Usually it is after we have watched a movie or a show. We finish it up and she looks at me as if to say, “I’m too tired to make it to bed.” Then, with the last bit of energy she has, she jumps up and heads for the stairs. As she goes she franticly asks for all the things she’ll need for the night. “Where is my phone, can you get me a water, Oh no where is my phone?…” She has the cutest tone of voice and the whole time her head is swiveling around looking for her phone, her eye brows scrunched together with deep concern. Mind you, she hasn’t slowed down at all on her exit from the family room.

I LOVE THOSE MOMENTS. She is actually so sleepy she thinks that if she doesn’t keep moving she may never sleep again. It’s the littlest things that I think are so cute about her. I love my sweet, now sleeping next to me, Alison.