Permanent Peace | Revelation 21:3-4

Read Revelation 21:3-4 Forever is a hard concept for us. As humans, it’s hard for us to commit to something as simple as a Facebook event, let alone commitments that last a lifetime! We can [...]

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Problem of Peace | Luke 1:31-38

Read Luke 1:31-38 As you pause and slow down after the Christmas season, you might find that your heart is still troubled. You’ve just been operating at 100 miles an hour this time of year, [...]

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Proclamation of Peace | Luke 1:26-30

Read Luke 1:26-30 After several angelic messages to Mary (“the Lord is with you”) and to Joseph (“She will bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people [...]

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Place of Peace | 2 Samuel 7:16

Read 2 Samuel 7:16 I have one place of retreat in my home which offers a little peace from a busy house or a hectic day at work. It can be very quiet and offer [...]

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Prince of Peace | Isaiah 9:6-7

Read Isaiah 9:6-7 Merry Christmas! We hope today is filled with love, laughter, and celebration that the King is born. As the prophet Isaiah anticipated the coming Messiah, he recorded: “For to us a [...]

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Advent of Peace | 2 Samuel 7:1-11, 16

Imagine sitting in the position of King David. After being promised the royal throne many years ago, after working for the previous king and befriending his son, after years of fighting for the king, and [...]

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Joy in Salvation | Isaiah 61:10

Read Isaiah 61:10 “Joy to the world! The Lord has come!” These are the words from the hymn writer Isaac Watts, whose devotion to the Lord and desire to praise God caused him to write [...]

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Joy in Reversal | Isaiah 64:1-4

Read Isaiah 64:1-4 His life was a mess. He’d had all the warning signs, the cold shoulders at home, the one- or two-word responses to questions, the lack of eye contact, the kids’ refusal talk [...]

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