Joy in Praise | Luke 2:14-15

Read Luke 2:14-15 “Have yourself a merry little Christmas.” “Have a holly, jolly Christmas.” “We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.” Merriment is all around us. We decorate with large letters [...]

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Joy in Jubilee | Luke 4:16-21

Read Luke 4:16-21 It was a radically different law from any other they had ever heard. God told his people to take every seventh day for rest and worship. He then told them to give [...]

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Joy in Justice | Psalm 37:1-9

Read Psalm 37:1-9 The more I hear about the state of our world, the more I’m thankful that I trust in a just God, the lover of justice. It’s very difficult to hear about harsh [...]

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Advent of Joy | Isaiah 61:1-11

PREPARE Isaiah 61 is a rather dense chapter, but it’s overflowing with jubilant imagery. This piece of prophecy offers a new picture of joy and celebration on the backdrop of pain and suffering. Centuries after [...]

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Comfort in Beholding | Isaiah 40:9

Read Isaiah 40:9 Seared in my memory forever are the first moments of seeing each of my children after they were born. Each of these times, it was as though the world stood still, time [...]

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Comfort in the Promise | Luke 1:68-79

Read Luke 1:68-79 It’s amazing to me the things I remember from my childhood. One thing I remember was my dad telling me never to make promises I didn’t intend to keep. This life lesson [...]

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Comfort in the Valley | Luke 3:2-9

Read Luke 3:2-9 Over the past few years, I’ve attempted to play fantasy football. In doing so, I’ve learned an interesting thing about fantasy sports: you’re always at the mercy of real players and their [...]

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Comfort in Relief | Psalm 85:1-2

Read Psalm 85:1-2 Are you feeling tested by overwhelming cares and losses this advent season? Are international news, bosses, broken cars, sinful habits, or relationships taking their toll and producing tension in your daily life? [...]

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Comfort is Coming | Luke 2:25-35

Read Luke 2:25-35 As we enter this story today, we find a man waiting for consolation. Have you ever been there? Perhaps you’ve been waiting for some answers or waiting for someone to show up [...]

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