Blessing | Hebrews 11:21

A blessing affirms goodness into the life of another person. It isn’t just words. It’s actually proclaiming the desire of your heart ...

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Press On | Genesis 35:5-8

Jacob has already begun his journey to Bethel – the place God calls him to go. After burying the foreign gods and changing his clothes ...

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Repent | Genesis 35:1-4

When God re-appears on the scene, he invites action. God doesn't want Jacob to settle for Shechem, so he tells him to "arise" and go further ...

By |2016-06-21T05:00:08-06:00June 21st, 2016|

Drift | Hebrew 2:1-4

Jacob grew up in a family of God-fearers. Although he’s a born trickster (Genesis 25), he knows of God and observes his parents both follow and fail ...

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