I overheard a conversation at Panera this morning. I know, I shouldn’t be eavesdropping, but they were taking about the after-life and it was really interesting to hear their theology of heaven. They talked about all of the great things that they were going to get in heaven; how they were going to be able to do whatever they wanted at any time, how they were going to be able to see each other everyday, how they would be able to eat whatever they wanted, etc.

These two women talked about heaven for 5 min, and in that 5 mins they didn’t mention the name if Jesus or God one time! Now, I’m not really surprised about that. I think that these two women are s pretty accurate representation of how most people view heaven. They view it as being all about them; fulfilling their every want and desire.

The only problem with that is… Well, scripture. That’s just not the way that the bible describes heaven. Haven is about Jesus. It’s about people and angels bowing down around his throne and declaring his majesty and honor (Revelation 4-5). Now, the ironic part is that this will bring the worshiper more joy than getting everything we ever wanted on this earth, but in a completely different way than we expected. Heaven is about Jesus and worship of Him, and this life should be too!

What are your thoughts about heaven? What scriptures form your understanding of what it will be like?