I’m not sure if you saw the Kentucky Derby this past weekend – but it was quite the event. I’m not into horse racing at all, but to see 150,000 people packed in to see the event is pretty impressive. The thing that stuck with me from the race was the horse Eight Bells. She ran a great race, but when she crossed the finish line she collapsed, having broken both of her front ankles. The veterinary staff has to put her down right there on the race track. 

This race got me thinking about the issue of pacing and balance in life. I don’t want to be the kind of person that goes so hard in ministry and life in general that I collapse. I think a lot of times our tendency is just to go all out until our bodies and soul disintegrate. For me this race was a reminder to rest. We were created with the need to stop. We were created with the need to take time doing nothing except remembering that the world continues to spin on its axis even if we aren’t working. That’s what the sabbath was all about. That’s what this race reminded me of.