boldnessI am remembering something I’ve heard several times but that Ryan said a few weeks ago. “The primary sign of the Holy Spirit’s presence is someones life is boldness; gospel proclaiming boldness.”

You see this reality all through the book of Acts and elsewhere. There is a strange confidence and peace that the Holy Spirit gives to christians. The thing about the Holy Spirit is, you can have Him dwelling in you but not let him live through you. Here is my prayer for myself and for all God’s redeemed at South.

Spirit, I could ask you to come to us but I believe you are already in us. You have marked all your children with your presence BUT I do ask for fresh filling. I remember moments when I was so zealous for you that I lived every second differently. I remember moments when I felt as if you were leading and guiding me through every word I spoke. I pray that you would fill your children freshly today. We ask that you would give us your heart for the lost. Jesus may I never forget that every second is utterly life and death for those who don’t know you. May I love people enough to give them the greatest gift in the universe, YOU!

Spirit, make us bold.