That’s the name of my message this weekend. “God Wants You to be Rich.” No, I’m not going to be teaching the properity gospel, but I am going to be teaching on money. I’m not sure there is anything else in our culture that has sucha great potential for good… and for evil (or at least to lead us astray). Money has such a way of distorting our view of what really brings happiness, contentment, and life… and yet, it has the potential to do so much good. The title comes from Luke 12:21 where Jesus states, “So is the man who stores up treasure on earth and is not rich toward God.”

I started thinking this week about what it looked like to be rich toward God. I came across this quote by John Ortberg. I think he summarized it well.

Being rich toward God means growing a soul that is increasingly healthy and good.
Being rich toward God means loving and enjoying the people around you.
Being rich toward God means learning about your gifts and passions and doing good work to help improve the world.
Being rich toward God means becoming generous with your stuff.
Being rich toward God means making that which is temporary become the servant of that which is eternal.
Being rich toward God means savoring every moment of every day.

– John Ortberg