I’m sitting here at a Starbucks in Escondido, CA on December 5, 2010 working on putting the finishing touches on the message that I am going to give at theWELL tonight (the College Ministry that I lead). I have the opportunity to teach on Ephesians 4:7-16. As I studied the passage, there were so many different directions that I could have gone in preaching wise. I decided to  focus on the theme of growth – and as I’ve done that, God has really just been burrowing that theme into my heart – for me.

As I sit here this morning, I am overwhelmed with the desire to grow in my life, in my relationship with God. If I find myself sitting here at Starbucks on December 5, 2011, I want to be in a completely different place than I am today. Lately I’ve been inspired because I can see my kids growing – it seems like at the speed of light. I’m convinced that my son grows from the time I put him down for a nap to the time when he wakes up! I’m sure that I am growing and changing to, it’s just a matter of what direction I’m growing in. Am I growing to be more like Christ?

I have a feeling that I’ve grown too content. There are a few things that God has been challenging me to do, but a ‘reasonable faith’ has won out. So, as I teach on growth tonight, I will also be being taught – I hope that’s always the way that it is.