In my previous post I talked about how cool it was that this guy sang the song ‘Healer’ with oxygen tubes in his nose… turn out he is a faker. He faked the whole thing – 2 years of faking cancer… not even his family knew. Issues! You have to wonder what was going on inside his heart to amke him want to do this. As I have thought about this a little bit over the past week, I think there is something a little deeper that God would want us to see through this.

I would love to say that I am surprised, but it seems as though Christian leaders (not that he was a leader, but a prominent person) have a habit of letting us down. I guess this should serve as a reminder that only God is worthy of our worship. Often times we elevate people to that status, maybe unknowingly or unintentionally, but in case you haven’t notcied there are definitely Christian celebrities. I guess in that sense it’s a good thing that people continually remind us that they are unworthy of our worship. May we fix our gaze on the only one worthy.