I went for a run today and as I was running I had the chance to watch a little bit of President Obama’s Inauguration Parade. I have heard that between 1-2 million showed up for this historic event. No matter where you stand on the election of Obama as President, you have to admit that this is a historic day – a day that a lot of people thought would never come; when we would have an African American as the president of the United States. While I am convinced that the election of Obama will in no way shape or form solve all of our problems (as is exhibited by the stock market dropping a staggering 350 pts today), I do sense that there is a renewed hope and excitement for what the future might hold.

One of the things that I like about Obama is that he was willing to have Rick Warren pray at the inauguration – a move that he received a ton of flack for from his Liberal counterparts, and a move that Warren received flack for from the conservatives. We all know that Warren and Obama don’t stand together on all the issues, but it is great to see people who aren’t clones of each other have a mutual respect and admiration for one another. I hope that this move sets the tone for the way that Obama will proceed with his presidency.

One final thought on the election of Obama. I wish celebrities would shut the heck up. Just because I’ll pay to watch you act in a movie doesn’t mean I care a lick about you political views. I’m tired of hearing celebrities who have a platform because they have been in movies talking about things that they have no expertise in whatsoever! That’s for free!

That’s all I have!