I was studying for my message this week that I will be teaching out of Matthew 5:13-16. In this portion of the Sermon on the Mount Jesus describes his follows as salt and light. Both of these statements would have been shocking compliments and encouragements to the rag tag group of followers that were with him on this mountain. In this passage of scripture, Jesus is definitely teaching that Christianity IS good for the world. However, there seems to be some debate in our day and time about this proposition. In some ways I think the question is warrented… His followers have not always been good for the world, but I still hold  on to the fact that Jesus’ statement is still true.

Anyway, i’d love to know what you think. Also, just for your reading pleasure famous atheist Christopher Hitchens and pastor Douglas Wilson engaged in a debate with the same title. They go back and forth in a fairly respectable manner. the debate in Christianity today can be found here. There are 6 parts to it, but I trust that you will find it very interesting. They also wrote a book about their correspondance (pictured to the right).

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