“Lord, if you’d only been here.”

How many of us have exclaimed this, and still do under the pressures and crisis of our lives. Lazarus, whom Jesus loved dearly had a sickness that wasn’t going away and would very likely send him to the grave. Not good. Mary and Martha, full of concern, sent word to Jesus and made sure He knew. “Lord, your dear friend is sick”, also letting Jesus know that this is not just some guy but “your dear friend”.

Ever been there……. Lord, You do know things are pretty bad here, right? There’s not a lot of time left, oh and don’t forget You said You loved us, right? You know it’s been at least two days and no word, nada, zipo. Oh well….if only You’d been here. Ever feel like that. Well it’s too late now. That which we had hoped for, prayed for, that which we so wanted doesn’t happen. God we thought for sure you were in this and would show up.…..well don’t bother. It’s all gone. Ever felt like that? Mary and Martha did….” If only You’d been here”. Lazarus has been dead now 4 days, no chance, right? David in Psalm 142 “ Out of my utter despair I cry out to the Lord and look to His mercy. When I am overwhelmed You alone know the way I should turn.”

Truth: Jesus knew about Lazarus’ sickness long before they told Him, and He also knows about the seemingly impossible things in your life right now. Jesus was purposeful in his delayed arrival. He was purposeful in the timing with Mary, Martha, and Lazarus as He is with you. Even when the waiting is gut wrenching.

Jesus’ last words to Mary before the miracle of Lazarus was “Did I not tell you that you would see God’s glory if you would only believe”. I hope that God would give you the grace to believe in what He told you, and then see His glory given in whatever circumstance your going thru and waiting on.

Just a few thoughts on John 11 today.