Recently I have been reading a new book called unChristian. This book talks about the different reasons that current 20somethings are turned off by Christianity. Some of the reasons they state are: the perception that Christians just wanted to ‘get people saved’, are hypocritical, judgmental, homophobic, sheltered and too political. The book is a fairly in depth study of the aforementioned topics. I recommend this book if you work in a church, especially if if you are working with young adults.

One of the things in this book that I found interesting was a section they had on measuring transformation that is taking place in people who are involved in the church. I have often times found this to be a difficult thing. Taking something that is so subjective (transformation) and making it objective and qualitative is nearly impossible. However, I was intrigued by the measuring tools they used. Here is what they stated:

  • worshiping God intimately and passionately
  • engaging in spiritual friendships with other believers
  • pursuing faith in the context of family
  • embracing intentional forms of spiritual growth
  • serving others
  • investing time and resources in spiritual pursuits
  • having faith-based conversations with outsiders

Any others that you would add?