I just got back from a great run at Lake Hodges. Awesome. I run about. 4+ mile loop there. The way out was great, but on the way back there was some guy that obviously ran cross country who passed me on the trail. He was flying! Now, I’m a pretty competitive guy, so I was like “oh no you don’t cross country guy!” He just seemed to glide down the trial while I was running with all my might.

The rest of the run I was trying to catch him. He had no idea that we were racing and he still kicked my butt. I never caught him. I wanted to congratulate him on his win when we got back to the car, but he was already gone. While I never did catch Mr. Front-runner, I did beat my best time on that trail by 2 mins.

I realized something on that run. We all need frontrunners in our lives. We need people who are going to challenge us to run faster and chase harder. I’m praying that God will raise up more frontrunners at theWell. I want more people who are chasing after Jesus at a pace that encourages others to run faster and harder! Paul said, follow me as I follow Christ (1 Cor. 11:1). I want to live with that kind of confidence and enthusiasm.

You may have won this time Mr Frontrunner. But thanks for the push! Maybe I’ll get you next time… if I have a really big head start.