We are adding a new song at South. it is called “In Tenderness.” This song is by a group called Citizens out of Mars Hill Church. Why this song? The lyrics speak for themselves in many ways. This song captures one of the unique elements of Christianity. We have a God who saved us NOT when we were worthy but when we were “sick with sin.” Our God gave his own son for us while we were, “sinning, needy, poor, and blind.” There is NO other faith in the world that believe such things. This is the gospel (good news). We follow God NOT to earn favor but because we already have it.

I love the last verse of this song because it gives us a beautiful application to the gospel. What is the correct response to the gospel? We must remember it by daily pondering it. The goodness of it makes our hearts “sing anew His praise.” You see our works are a reaction to the gospel.

I also like this song because it is so up beat. Singing about the gospel demands a bit of energy sometimes. I hope this song helps us get a bit excited about the good news. I was watching a game show the other day and when a person won they jumped and danced like fools. I want to believe the goodness of the gospel in such a way that it makes me jump a bit.

In tenderness he sought me, weary and sick with sin

And on His shoulders brought me, back to His fold again

While angels in His presence sang, until the courts of heaven rang.


Oh, the love that sought me!

Oh, the blood that bought me!

Oh, the grace that brought me to the fold of God

Grace that brought me to the fold of God.


He died for me while I was sinning, needy and poor and blind

He whispered to assure me: “I’ve found thee; thou art Mine”

I never heard a sweeter voice, it made my aching heart rejoice.


Upon His grace I’ll daily ponder, and sing anew His praise

With all adoring wonder, His blessings I retrace

It seems as if eternal days, are far too short to sing His praise.

Aaron Bjorklund