That’s the title of my first message on our retreat this weekend. The weekend series is going to be called “What Lies Beneath” and is about journeying deep into relationships with other people. I am excited for our students to hear from God’s word on topics like – God’s desire for us to be who we really are, to not wear masks. As I thought about this message, I was struck by how many masks I wear, most of them without even thinking about. I am struck by a God who asks us to come to him and to each other just as we are. It’s interesting to me that Jesus saved his harshest words for those who he called hypocrites. Literally, actors or mask wearers.

My hope and prayer is that as our group begins to get real with ourselves and with each other, that ultimately we would find healing and assurance in the one who says, “My grace is sufficient for you.” I love he fact that God doesn’t want me to feel like I have to get dressed up to come see him. I love the fact that God wants us just the way that we are.
One parting thought… The passage I am teaching on is Matthew 23 where Jesus chides the pharisees for cleaning the outside of the cup and making it look all nice and clean without worrying about the inside of the cup. As I thought about this passage, it struck me that Jesus never condemns the pharisees for the DIRT. It’s like he knows that the dirt is going to be there, the question becomes, what are we going to do with it.