IMG_0866I have been loving the Seek God for the City prayer book! The first few devotions/prayers have been right on.

Today’s prayer focus caught my heart as we were invited  to pray for university students. University ministry is very close to my heart. As you may know I served as a college pastor for 5 years. It was a rich time of ministry and I grew to love college campuses as a place of outreach and eternal impact. For better or worse, college campuses are a pluralistic environment where ideas are readily exchange and people are open to talking about the person and work of Jesus. I have seen that the gospel can more than hold its own in that environment.

I love college ministry because it challenged me to grow.

I love college ministry because college students are open to dialogue about spiritual things.

I love college ministry because it proved to me once again the adaptability of the gospel.

As you pray today, please spend some time praying for university students and those who minister to them. You may or may not know that this semester we (South Fellowship) started a club on campus at Arapahoe Community College. Brandon (our Young Adult Intern) has developed a team to reach out to that campus. They have a Bible study that meets weekly on campus and they are doing numerous reaches to meet and interact with new students. They are doing great things and we believe that ministry has a great future! In fact, The Lord has led one of our volunteers leaders to start raising support to work in a fuller capacity at that school. This young woman has served with The Navigators as a campus minister in the past and we are SO excited to have her join our team!

As you pray today, please pray for campus ministers all over the country (and world), and please especially life up Brandon and his team as they seek to hold out the light of the gospel at ACC!