I think it really hit home this weekend (and I’m not sure why) that I only have  4 more weeks until I am a father of two! On Friday night Kelly and I (and Ethan – I need to include him because he dominates the conversation) were out at Chillis and I saw a dad sitting with his daughter – they were having a daddy/daughter date. We talked with them a little bit after we were done with dinner. I asked the little girl what her name was and she said, “Avery.” That’s what we are naming our daughter! It got me thinking about how excited I am to lavish love on my Avery. To take her on dates, to spend time with her, to show her the love of The Father.I absolutely love having a son. Wrestling with Ethan is the best! But, there is something that feels different about having a daughter. Not better or worse, just different.

I can’t wait to be the father of a little girl. What an honor!