I had this thought as I was studying Luke 5:1-11 last week –

If we don’t view what they viewed, we won’t live the way that they lived!

So the question remains, what did they see?

  • They saw that in-spite of all their frailty and shortcomings they were still invited to follow after Jesus.
  • They saw that there was abundant and (sometimes) mysterious blessing that is found in following Jesus.
  • They saw that in light of who God is they were a people in desperate need and that Jesus was a God of rescue.
  • They saw that following Jesus was better than any dream they had for their own life.
  • They saw a God who had left everything to pursue them.

I’m praying this afternoon that my eyes might be opened to seeing Jesus in the way that Peter saw him. It’s what he saw in Jesus that caused him to drop his nets, to push aside his dreams, to leave his deepest friendships, and to embrace a whole new course for his life. My prayer is that I/we might see Jesus in the same way today… and FOLLOW with the same zeal.