Over the next 6 weeks, as we prepare for easter through Lent, we want to focus our hearts on prayer. Our hope is that this journey will lead us all into a deeper relationship with Jesus. As Ryan discussed in Tune My Heat, God designed prayer so that it would change us and the world around us. The is real power in prayer; it is the work of the church. With that in mind, we will be walking through the Seek GOD for the CITY ’14 prayer guide.

If you want to join this journey all you need to do is grab a copy of the Seek GOD for the CITY ’14 prayer guide from the welcome booth in the lobby of the church. You can also get the app on the itunes app store or google play store. Remember, the aim of this prayer guide is to be just that, a guide. We want this to be a tool that helps us enjoy our great God more through prayer.


In addition to the prayer guide, we would love make this process interactive.  Praying in community helps us grow closer to God and each other. In an effort to gather up all our reflections during this season of Lent, we are also asking you to consider sharing any quotes, reflections, verses, blog posts, songs, poems, paintings, etc. with us all. To contribute your reflections you have several options.

  • You can post links and comments to twitter and use the hashtag #SeekGodSouth to help us find it.
  • You may also post comments or links on Facebook using the hashtag #SeekGodSouth. You can find here  jarvee was reviewed about the best traffic boosting tool.
  • You may also use Instagram with the hashtag #SeekGodSouth.
  • You may also post comments right on this page bellow.

We as a staff will also be contributing to the journey. You can find our thoughts by clicking the button bellow. Finally notice the twitter feed to the right. All these tweets have the hash tag #SeekGodSouth.

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