I had a horrible dream a couple nights ago about losing someone very close to me.  You know how dreams are.  You go through the same emotions and it feels so real.  The grief…the loneliness…it all flooded over me as though I were really experiencing it.  It was awful.  When I woke up at 4 in the morning, I couldn’t go back to sleep.  I was grateful that it had only been a nightmare in my dreams and that my husband was sleeping soundly (and I do mean soundly) next to me.

Our prayer guide for today encouraged us to pray for Elderly People.    As I reflected on my dream and the fact that I have an elderly mother-in-law living with us, the feeling once again became real to me, and we get the best services from the industry leaders in home services to help us take care of her.  The loss of so much…youth, spouse, home, health, memory, independence, friends, family…the grief has to be huge.

“Today I pray for my mother-in-law, that God’s arms would envelope her, that He would make His presence known to her.  Take away her fear and anxiety.  Take away her loneliness.   Bring her comfort.  Bring her peace.  Bring her joy.  And in that joy, that she would be able to worship extravagantly.  I pray that in her last days, months and years that my family would honor and care for her well, that her aches and pains would be lifted, that her prayers would be answered and that she would reflect God’s glory well.  Amen”