Find your place to get involved this Christmas!

Dec. 14th – Food Bank Christmas Shoppe

It’s so much more than a shoppe! We invite you to get involved with the South Food Bank Christmas Shoppe this year and discover the variety of ways you can serve under-resourced families in the Littleton area and help provide joy this Christmas season.

Love shopping? – Enjoy picking out gifts from Christmas lists provided by our Food Bank guests.

Good at organizing? – Help sort basic needs items, used coats and gifts into our three different “shops.”

Have a knack for hospitality? – Welcome our guests, make a craft with the kiddos, or help serve lunch!

With your help the Christmas Shoppe served over 60 families in 2018. We can’t wait to see how God will use us in this upcoming season!

“Josh told several people he had to walk almost a mile to the bus stop to get to work and didn’t have a warm winter coat. He was so thankful to find one at the Shoppe. He thought the Shoppe would be a little helpful, maybe he’d get some little gifts for the kids and that’s about it, but the gifts he found were exactly what the kids had been asking for!”

-Food Bank Shoppe Volunteer

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Dec. 15th – Posada Party

Ok, so what’s a Posada?? Glad you asked. A Posada is a festival celebrated in Mexico that commemorates the journey that Joseph and Mary made from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Our Ministry Partner North Littleton Promise throws a Christmas Posada party every year for the immigrant kids and families they serve, and we get to be a part of it!

NLP’s Christmas Posada consists of delicious Mexican cuisine, a Christmas pageant, crafts for the kids, family photos, and much more. Whether you’d like to be a server, help out with some gingerbread house making, or get things cleaned up in the kitchen, we’ve got an area for you to get involved.

“The whole team from South Fellowship absolutely amazing!!! Everyone came in with such a fantastic attitude, ready to help wherever needed. The event went smoothly thanks to the 62 volunteers who all came and did their part!”

-North Littleton Promise

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Dec. 24th – Christmas Eve Services

Christmas is a time when a lot of people who don’t regularly attend a church find themselves coming through our doors. A number of folks might have been hurt by the church in the past, or maybe the holidays are a tough time for them due to being away from family or losing a loved one this past year. This is our opportunity as a church family to welcome them with open arms, provide a great experience, and share with them the hope and joy of Jesus.

You can help serve our community this Christmas Eve in a variety of ways. Welcome people with a warm smile while showing them where to park, show some love to their kids in Kids Ministry, even manage our s’mores bar in the lobby! You’ll have the chance to hang out with other volunteers in Volunteer Central and you’ll receive a small gift from South just to say thank you for using your gifts to welcome others this Christmas.

“Serving on Christmas Eve really added to my enjoyment of the day! Joining in the worship and celebration has always been a family tradition, but actually participating was special – I loved sharing my joy with so many who attended, and seeing their appreciation of the decorations, music, and message.”

-Christmas Eve Volunteer

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We have two volunteer options for you to choose from.  You can serve through a One Time Serve or a Scheduled Serve.


One Time Serve opportunities allow you to try out serving without a long-term commitment. This could be for an event at South, special services such as Christmas Eve or Easter, or serving opportunities within our community.


Close to a hundred passionate volunteers give of their time and talents each week to welcome and create a warm atmosphere for kids, students, and adults. Typically, volunteers are scheduled to serve 1-2 times per month to create great environments for others. Explore the teams and positions below:


South invites you to serve our community in the way of Jesus with the heart of Jesus. We want to make it easy and fun as we partner to fulfill our mission right here in Littleton, CO. Use this menu to help identify which role could be the best fit for you!

Not sure where to start? Take our Spiritual Gifts Survey to help you identify your God-given spiritual gifts:

Spiritual Gifts Survey

Welcomes families in the bustling hallway on Sunday mornings by greeting new visitors, getting children checked in efficiently, and keeping the flow of Sunday running safe and smooth.

POSITIONS: Check-In Team, Service Supervisor

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Supports healthy families by loving, praying for, and caring for kids as well as facilitating activities and simple Bible lessons for young children as parents attend the service.

POSITIONS: Teacher, Assistant

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Shepherds young elementary children by making their experience with Jesus engaging, teaching them important lessons from the Bible, and helping them navigate questions about God, themselves, and others.

POSITIONS: Small Group Leader, Host+Worship Leader, Storyteller, A/V Team

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Shepherds older elementary children by making their experience with Jesus engaging, teaching them important lessons from the Bible, and helping them navigate questions about God, themselves, and others.

POSITIONS: Small Group Leader, Host+Worship Leader, Storyteller, A/V Team

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Works behind the scenes to set-up weekly classrooms or plan and execute quarterly events for kids and their families.

POSITIONS: Classroom Set-Up, Events Planning Team

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Shepherds 6-10 middle and high school students through life’s difficult questions as they wrestle during a key season in their lives.

POSITIONS: MS Group Leader, HS Group Leader

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Comes alongside our Student Team by hosting student events, making food for gatherings, or providing A/V support on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.

POSITIONS: Host, Hospitality, A/V Tech

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Offers warm hospitality to 6-12 other adults by facilitating group gatherings with the vision of discovering truth, nurturing each another, and taking action around what is discussed. (Groups for women, men, young adults, and a community of adults).

POSITIONS: Group Facilitator, Group Host, Hospitality

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Facilitates learning to educate adults on faith, formation, and life flourishing with practical application.


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Hosts affinity gatherings for the South community where like-minded people can connect around similar interests.


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Prays for needs of the community by recieving the prayer chain, gathering with a Group for prayer such as the Watchmen Prayer Team, Women’s Prayer Team, or offering prayer during Sunday services.

POSITIONS: Prayer Warrior

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Encourages the elderly, the homebound, and the physically challenged by bringing community to them in their homes.

POSITIONS: Visitation Team

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Comes alongside others in need to advise on life skills such as finances, organization, and more.

POSITIONS: Benevolence Advisor

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Journeys with another person one-on-one through the ups and down of life and helps them navigate their difficult circumstances, past baggage, and ongoing questions.

POSITIONS: Coordinator, Mentor, Counselor

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Assists with various needs within the South community such as childcare, transporation, meals, or household repairs

POSITIONS: Childcare, Driver, Meal Provider, Maintenance

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Welcomes guests with the heart of Jesus at the front doors and hands out worship guides at the entrance to the Worship Center.

POSITIONS: Front Door Greeter, Worship Center Door Greeter

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Creates an environment of hospitality for our guests by purchasing supplies, setting up, hosting, or cleaning up the food and beverage stations.

POSITIONS: Shopper, Set-Up Coffee, Set-Up Food, Coffee Bar Host, Clean-Up Team

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Assists our guests with the heart of Jesus in the Worship Center by helping them find a seat, meet others, give their offering, and take communion.

POSITIONS: Service Host

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Helps guests navigate South in the way of Jesus by providing them with resources, information, and suggestions for getting to know South and how to take a next step.

POSITIONS: Welcome Desk, South in 5 Host

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Team Leads manage a team of volunteers by scheduling, training, encouraging, and praying for volunteers. Coaches offer Sunday morning oversight and ongoing coaching to the Welcome Teams by providing personal and practical support for Team Leads.

POSITIONS: Team Leads, Welcome Team Coach

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Competent musicians lead the community in musical worship on Sunday mornings as well as during special events.

POSITIONS: Drummer, Guitar, Electric Guitar

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Tech-saavy team trained to create excellent production on Sunday mornings as well as at special events.

POSITIONS: Sound Board, Slides, Lighting, Video

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Help share the story of South through photography or videography on Sunday mornings and/or special events.

POSITIONS: Photographer, Videographer

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Creative communicators of Biblical truth write and edit The Daily, a five-day electronic devotional that pairs with sermon series.

POSITIONS: Writer, Editor

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Assists South administrative staff with weekly and monthly operations by providing reception, hospitality, and office support.

POSITIONS: Reception, Phone Host, Staff and Elder Food Prep, Offering Counter, Admin Assistants for Adult Ministries

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Serves the mission of South and ministry partners by setting up and tearing down event resources.

POSITIONS: Ministry Set-up/Teardown

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Assists with South events and retreats for men, women, young adults, and the community by planning and executing memorable connecting events.

POSITIONS: Event Planner, Decorator, Catering

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Help meet needs in our local community or church family.

POSITIONS: CarePortal, SouthCare

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Serves under-resourced families with weekly grocery needs by picking-up supplies and hosting them with warm hospitality.

POSITIONS: Food Bank Hosts, Grocery Pick-up

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Serves families experiencing homelessness by providing them with a safe place to rest, food to eat, fun activities, and fellowship.

POSITIONS: Set-up Team, Meal Host, Overnight Host, Activity Host, Driver, Clean-up Team

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Serves global partners with prayer, advocacy, and financial support.

POSITIONS: Advocacy Team, Advisory Team, Short-terms Team

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