Serving in Jesus’ way with His heart

We believe the church is at its best when it serves, sacrifices, and loves while equipping people with vision and tools to join in God’s redemptive plan.



Whether you know exactly what area you’d like to get involved in at South or are curious about where your talents could be utilized, we can’t wait to help get you plugged in. Ready to take the first step? Share your personality and interests with us and peruse our full list of current serve positions by clicking the button below.

“I love serving at South because I am encouraged and mentored in using my gifts to connect and minister to others. Unexpected blessings I’ve experienced from serving are new friendships and authentic community.”

Angela D., Volunteer

“Don’t be afraid to commit to serving. It will bless you and allow you to be a blessing to others.”

Todd S., Kids Ministry Volunteer

“Serving in the youth ministry is one of the biggest blessings in my life. Having the opportunity to be a part of the journey of these incredible teens at such a critical point is something I treasure. It’s also, in my opinion, the most fun area to serve in the church. Where else can you volunteer where you get to have a color war, water fight, and go to a corn maze? You get to be a kid again while building deep, Christ-centered relationships with the youth.”

Anonymous, South Students Volunteer

“Serving on the Photography Team allows me to share photos of our church community not only with the congregation but with the wider community. People who are looking to join South or participate in community activities visit South’s social media sites and get a chance to see the friendly smiling faces of real people living in the way of Jesus with the heart of Jesus.”

Jeff B., Photography Volunteer

“Thank you so much for this opportunity to serve! I am excited to keep getting more involved at South and look forward to serving more in the future!”

Anonymous, South Kids Volunteer
“I like serving on the Worship Team because of the quality of the musicians and playing behind strong vocals. The tech team is quick to respond to an issue and gets it corrected. The Worship Pastor Aaron has good judgment and also takes chances with mixing musicians. “
Gary J., Worship Team Volunteer

“I am grateful to be a part of the greeting team. I feel God’s presence in the lobby. While people are congregating before and after services, I sense a real joy in our togetherness. Thank you for the opportunity to serve.”

Anonymous, Welcome Team Volunteer

“I appreciate how organized [South Kids] is – it makes it a joy to volunteer! I also love how South works so hard to intentionally witness to the kids. Sarah and I have volunteered elsewhere and really appreciate what they do. The decorations in the Worship Room and taking the time to get the lesson materials ready to go make a ton of difference!”

Aaron M., South Kids Volunteer

“Serving on the photography team at South gives me the opportunity to see my volunteer work on the website and in marketing material. It’s nice to have a concrete thing to look at and go ‘I helped make that.'”

John E., Photography Volunteer

“I have mainly worked with the same kids. I love seeing them grow in the word of God so they too can spread the word to others.”

Rayne B., South Kids Volunteer

“All of us on the Welcome Team are involved in spiritual ministry. The Welcome Team plays a critical role in receiving all those whom the Lord has called to worship with us. We are typically the first ones each Sunday who give a smile and say “Welcome to South!” to all who walk through our doors. Some of us even pray silently for those approaching the entrance, asking the Lord to bless them that day. We never know what the people have experienced that week or on the drive to church on that day, but we want them to have an encounter with Jesus during the next 90 minutes or so. The great thing about being on the Welcome Team is that it doesn’t require any preparation, and both extroverts and introverts can do it!”

Peter P., Welcome Team Volunteer
“I loved the opportunity for EXTRA worship time due to rehearsing before service. Working both services gives more time to process the sermon. Truly a special blessing while serving on a Sunday!”
Anonymous, Sunday Morning Volunteer

“Serving in Youth Ministry is like farming! It’s planting Kingdom seeds while walking with students and their parents through the teen years.”

Anonymous, South Students Volunteer

“I raised five children and now they’re all grown up, the youngest one being a freshman in college. This past year I taught the kindergartners and first graders during the second hour. I team-taught with two other women my age. We would take turns being “the lead” on alternate Sundays. I became great friends with my two co-leaders. And the three of us had the special treat of getting to know a group of very special young people. Every Sunday morning all of us would play, learn, pray, sing, and grow together. It will continue to be a great joy as I watch these children grow up in the church in the coming years.”

Kristen C., South Kids Volunteer

“Greeting at the door has been rewarding. I get to see old friends and meet new ones. It’s an opportunity to make visitors feel welcome and comfortable.”

Vickie S., Welcome Team Volunteer

“It’s an honor and a great pleasure to come alongside the most dedicated and amazing team! The BEST part of volunteering at South Fellowship is the friendships made, being surrounded by the love and grace of Jesus, and the ability to serve the staff, the congregation, and the community in the name of Jesus! South Fellowship is truly ‘home’ for us and has been for almost 7 years. Thanks again for letting me be a small part of God’s work at South.”

Becky B., Office Volunteer

“Servings at South Kids has been such a blessing to my husband and me as we have been able to serve together. The lessons are easy to prepare for and we find playing with and praying over the kids such an encouragement to us. Very grateful for the opportunity!”

Amy W., South Kids Volunteer

“I love serving on the welcome team to help be a face for the church. That tells me my church trusts me, knows my values are their values, and knows I can represent them. Knowing that makes me want to do all I can for the welcome team in any way I can!”

Trixie H.M., Welcome Team Volunteer

“Serving in Kids Ministry is a joy! The children and their inquisitive minds help me see Scripture passages with new eyes. Every week I serve I leave with a full heart!”

Andrea F., South Kids Volunteer

“The worship team at South is such a fun group to be a part of. I love being able to play music and laugh together with this team.”

Teresa D., Worship Team Volunteer

“I love being a part of the welcome team dinners every month because I get to hear what God is doing on a bigger scale and stay connected with South on a deeper level than just Sunday morning.”

Anonymous, Welcome Team Greeter

“I have been teaching Sunday school in the 2 to 3 year old preschool class for quite a few years now. I really love these children and consider it not only a ministry but huge blessing for me to teach them about Jesus!  And it’s so nice that everything I need for that Sunday’s lesson is right there in the basket every week. I just have to look on Planning Center to see the lesson and be prepared to teach.”

Bonnie Jean H., South Kids Volunteer


APRIL 19TH, 9:00 + 10:45AM


Easter One-Time Serve is a chance for individuals and families to contribute their personal gifts towards this celebratory, set-apart Sunday morning; be it food prep, serving coffee, greeting, decorating, and more. Serving on Easter Sunday is a great way to welcome the local community into our space and create more connections within our church family. We invite you to peruse the available serve positions and see what speaks to you!



Do you have a heart for teens? Our Student Ministry is looking for female volunteers who are passionate about leading teens closer to Jesus. If you’re interested in helping teenage girls grow in wisdom and guiding them through life, please email our Student Ministry Director, Ethan Renoe at [email protected].



Help us keep our church space safe, beautiful, and functional! We’re looking for folks to participate in painting projects, landscaping, minor maintenance repairs, and more (all levels of experience welcome; training is available). If you’re interested in giving our strip mall some TLC, contact our Facilities Manager at [email protected], or call 731-616-7419.

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