Serving together, with the heart of Jesus

We believe the people of South are at our best when we step into the spaces and places that invite us to use our gifts, passions, experiences, and unique wiring to serve, grow, equip, and develop each other as we join in God’s redemptive plan.


Use your gifts

Whether you know exactly what area you’d like to get involved in at South or are curious about where your gifts, passions, and experiences could be utilized, we can’t wait to help get you plugged in. Ready to take the first step? Tell us about yourself and your interests, and peruse our full list of current serve positions by clicking the button below.

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Local Outreach

“I love working in the office supporting the staff, taking care of emails, answering phones, engaging with visitors, and being as helpful and useful as possible! I feel joy knowing that there is someone at the front desk to handle whatever comes in: visitors, homeless friends, packages, etc. There is always something to do to help the staff, including Women and Kids Ministry. I honestly LOVE the entire staff at South; it’s my second ‘home,’ and everyone is encouraging and a delight to work alongside!”

Becky B., Office Volunteer

“It is rewarding to photograph the [South] community members on Sunday mornings embracing and smiling at one another and singing and worshiping the Lord. Even though many of the same folks may get photographed more than once, it never gets boring. Of course, I love to see my photos displayed on the website, Facebook and Instagram, and I hope the congregation gets some joy in seeing their love for the community reflected in the photos.”

Jeff B., Photography Volunteer

“Serving in the youth ministry is one of the biggest blessings in my life. Having the opportunity to be a part of the journey of these incredible teens at such a critical point is something I treasure. It’s also, in my opinion, the most fun area to serve in the church. Where else can you volunteer where you get to have a color war, water fight, and go to a corn maze? You get to be a kid again while building deep, Christ-centered relationships with the youth.”

Anonymous, South Students Volunteer
“I like serving on the Worship Team because of the quality of the musicians and playing behind strong vocals. The tech team is quick to respond to an issue and gets it corrected. The Worship Pastor Aaron has good judgment and also takes chances with mixing musicians. “
Gary J., Worship Team Volunteer

“I enjoy being able to help keep the church facility in a good condition for our members and guests.”

Tim C., Facilities Volunteer

“I appreciate how organized [South Kids] is – it makes it a joy to volunteer! I also love how South works so hard to intentionally witness to the kids. Sarah and I have volunteered elsewhere and really appreciate what they do. The decorations in the Worship Room and taking the time to get the lesson materials ready to go make a ton of difference!”

Aaron M., South Kids Volunteer

“I’ve enjoyed learning new parts of the tech field and expanding on my previous knowledge. It has also opened up to us opportunities to use this training on multiple fronts.”

Bryan W., Tech Volunteer

“Greeting at the door has been rewarding. I get to see old friends and meet new ones. It’s an opportunity to make visitors feel welcome and comfortable.”

Vickie S., Welcome Team Volunteer

“Serving on the photography team at South gives me the opportunity to see my volunteer work on the website and in marketing material. It’s nice to have a concrete thing to look at and go ‘I helped make that.'”

John E., Photography Volunteer

“I love serving on the welcome team to help be a face for the church. That tells me my church trusts me, knows my values are their values, and knows I can represent them. Knowing that makes me want to do all I can for the welcome team in any way I can!”

Anonymous, Welcome Team Volunteer
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